Neighbourhood Small Grants - Clayoquot Sound


Applying for a Neighbourhood Small Grant is easy via our online application system. But first, you must make sure your project is a good fit for our funding.


Our eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that Neighbourhood Small Grants support a diverse range of community-focused projects.

  • You must live in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve region.
  • Main applicants can apply for one Neighbourhood Small Grants project per year, and only within your community. Co-applicants can only be used on two applications.
  • Two applicants living in the same community but from different households are required on every application. Both applicants are responsible for managing the grant money.
  • Your project must be free, accessible and welcoming to all. You may not charge entrance fees, request donations, or fundraise for other projects and/or organizations.
  • With the exception of community gardens, projects involving infrastructure building, upgrading or maintenance are not eligible.
  • Projects involving therapy and counseling support are not eligible.
  • You may not profit financially from the project. Registered organizations and businesses are not eligible to apply.
  • You must begin your project after the grant decision is made. Projects are not supported retroactively.
  • Projects that involve greening businesses are not eligible for Green NSG funding since this target area is outside the mandate of the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program.
  • Projects that train, educate, and promote green focused every day practices and seek to develop skills training and community sharing will take preference over garden related projects.

The goals of the Culture Neighbourhood Small Grants are to support project that meeting one of the following goals:

  • Celebrate 2019 United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages (eg. Host a language event)
  • Share cultural practices across generations (eg. Share a cultural skill with youth)
  • Bring culture to new audiences (eg. Host a cultural feast with friends and neighbourhoods)
  • Create opportunities for cultural exchanges (eg. Host a cultural expo)
  • To celebrate Natinal Aboriginal Peoples Day June 21st, 2019. 

Please consider the following when calculating your project budget:

  • Grant requests are expected to be under $500.
  • Grant money may be used to pay people (also called an honorarium) for services needed for the project. Examples include paying someone to lead a workshop or to do carpentry work, with a maximum allowable amount of $50 per person. Total honorariums may not be more than $100 per project.
  • When creating a project budget, you should determine the actual cost of items to be used, and think resourcefully about how to obtain materials through borrowing or donations.
  • You are responsible for keeping expense receipts to account for all project costs.

If your project is going to take place in a public place (e.g. neighbourhood street, public spaces, or parks) please consider:

  • Projects taking place on neighbourhood streets or public spaces/parks must follow municipal by-laws.
  • You are required to know about the permits and liability insurance you may require. You must also account for the time needed to obtain these.
  • You must obtain appropriate permits and liability insurance before your project start date.


You can start a new application, or login to view an existing application, via the button below. Our online system allows you to save your application and return later to complete it.