Neighbourhood Small Grants

Neighbourhood Small Grants is Vancouver Foundation’s unique program to help build community and strengthen connections right where people live - in their neighbourhood. Small grants of up to $500 are available for residents to develop projects that meet the needs of the community.


Our program supports residents like you: residents who have small but powerful ideas to bring people together and make their community vibrant. Vancouver Foundation then funds those ideas. Small grants of up to $500 are available for projects started and completed by local residents.

Grants are given to projects that meet the following goals:

  1. Connect and engage neighbourhood residents
  2. Share residents' skills and knowledge within the community
  3. Build sense of ownership and pride
  4. ​​Respect and celebrate diversity


Available in 19 communities

Neighbourhood Small Grants are available in 19 communities throughout Vancouver, the North Shore, Burnaby, North Surrey, New Westminster, Richmond, Clayoquot Sound and Victoria (Hillside-Quadra) through our community partners. We are always exploring ways to grow the program into new communities.

apply online

Applying for a Neighbourhood Small Grant is easy via our online application system. First you need to know which neighbourhood you live in, then read the application guidelines. Find out more about how to apply, and get started on your community building idea!

Grant decisions made by local residents

Resident Advisory Committees (RAC) are made up of volunteers from diverse backgrounds and life experiences recruited from each participating community review applications and decide on how grant funds are distributed. 

If you would like to get involved in a RAC, please contact the Coordinator in your community.​

building community

The Neighbourhood Small Grants program was created by Vancouver Foundation in 1999. The program is based on a simple but powerful idea: when people feel a sense of connection and belonging to their neighbourhood, they are more likely to be engaged in activities that make it a better place to live. 

When people are active in the life of their neighbourhood, our communities are strengthened from the ground up. The Connections and Engagement survey conducted by Vancouver Foundation in 2012 with 3,841 people from Metro Vancouver shows the power of this idea of connection and engagement.

Lasting impact at the individual and community levels

Over time, the combined effects of many small projects creates connections, momentum and resources that have a lasting positive impact in communities. Small grants empower individuals to invest in the future of their community. Engaged residents will share skills and resources and help form relationships that build resilience and self-sufficiency in local communities. The legacy is a network of people, places and local traditions that will continue to benefit communities for many years to come. 

Enhancing local capacity

Vancouver Foundation helps partner organizations develop the capacity to manage the Neighbourhood Small Grants program in the long term. Vancouver Foundation provides support staffing, helps partners establish and coordinate Resident Advisory Committees, and provides resources for scaling up the program. As the program matures, the enhanced skills, knowledge and confidence of project leaders and Resident Advisory Committee members create the building blocks for a sustainable program.