October 3 2017

We live in a multicultural neighbourhood in Richmond, BC. A few years ago there had been a few break-ins in our area and we, Block Watch Captains, wondered what we could do to create a caring spirit in our neighbourhood. A neighbourhood where people would come home, drive into their garages and disappear until they drove out again. We decided that a block party might work to introduce neighbours to each other…and happily, we have had great success!

September 27 2017
2049 Waverley Avenue

Our project focused on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We hoped to inspire and encourage more people to make their own food from scratch instead of buying processed foods and we demonstrated how to make our own everyday cleaning products.
We taught our neighbours how to make their own yogurt, almond milk & hummus. Neighbours also shared ideas & recipes and what they are doing to be more healthy. We also taught soap making from scratch.

September 23 2017
3280 58th Ave East

This South Vancouver neighbourhood held a BBQ with a photo booth. The theme of the event was making new connections between neighbours and within the South Vancouver community. The photo booth was very popular amongst the young and young at heart. Our management company was holding a BBQ for our complex and we piggybacked on that and, rented a photo booth with the NSG money.

September 21 2017
Queen Elizabeth Community School, Outside, BBQ

The "Welcome Back" BBQ at Queen Elizabeth Community School was a great event. The Knights of Columbus volunteered their time to BBQ, while families, teachers and the P.A.C. Execs were entertained by wonderful musicians (parents) and face painting (Parent volunteers). This was a great way to let the kids hang out and to recruit parent volunteers for the upcoming year. Having the money donated meant we had more attendance -- FREE FOOD is always a good way to bring people in AND we had the pleasure of some great entertainment. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity.

September 8 2017
1300 block of West 15th Street in Norgate, NV

Our neighbourhood is a unique community described as a "small town feel". We have a Facebook page so we can share events, problems, garage sales, babysitting info, or anything else. Many of us know each other through our kids, our dogs, the Community School, or just through walking/biking the neighbourhood. So i wanted to hold an event to celebrate our friendships and create new relationships. My block is even more unique than our neighbourhood, however, because along with the 35-40 residents living on our block, we also have a Mosque and a Buddhist Temple!