May 14 2013 to July 14 2013

The planters at Admiral Seymour Elementary School were rebuilt and replanted with the aid of a Greenest City Grant as well as help from other donors.

June 30 2013

A hugely successful block party was held on June 30 on the block of Woodland Avenue between Graveley Street and 1st Avenue. Approximately 70 people attended the party throughout the afternoon.

The local fire department came and presented a fantastic demo. A DJ spun tunes, a potluck was held and a plaque was given to an elderly resident who has lived in the same house since 1955. There was also a kids' pool, hoola hoops, hockey, badminton and squirt guns. Loads of fun was had by all. Plans for next year's party are already in the works!

July 19 2013

On Friday, July 19, 2013 Creative Playtime at Gordon Neighbourhood House hosted a brunch for community elders. The event drew 54 people and brought community elders together with children 0-5 years old from Creative Playtime as well as their parents.

May 25 2013 to July 13 2013

"Our grant of $500 was all used up in just under 2.5 hours. We managed to raise an additional $146 and used this up by the end of the day. All-in-all, I would say that we collected well over 60,000 butts. Having had to augment the initial grant, due to the success of the event, I would say that we have made a very solid case for the government to look into implementing a deposit system on butts."

June 1 2013 to June 30 2013

These workshops were offered at Gordon Neighbourhood House on two Wednesday evenings in June 2013.

Participants felt lighter and energized after leaving the class. Grant recipient, Brenda Basco Hopkins, hopes to offer her classes on a more regular basis at Gordon Neighbourhood House or the West End Community Centre.