June 15 2014
Robson/Denman Downtown


Car Free Day was a great success for us and THANK YOU children for making the banner and Dennis for his much needed help! A Special THANK YOU for all the donations: Vancouver Foundation, Vancouver Ecovillage, Sam and Jim at Gordon Neighbourhood House, Joe at No Frills, Safeway and London Drugs. Last but not least THANK YOU to all the volunteers for all their hard work and for making our day such a success!

June 21 2014
Lord Roberts School Park

We had an incredible neighbourhood street hockey tourney followed by a BBQ. Watch a cool 3 minute highlight video below, it's sure to make you smile. Great things are happening in our neighbourhood. Thanks Gordon Neighbourhood House, Vancouver Foundation, and good, good friends! 

June 15 2014
Car Free Day Vancouver - West End: Denman @ Barclay

Car Free Day Vancouver: West End saw the WE Arts' Youth Art Jam, the beginning of a new mural, "What a Ride" by Steve "The Creative Individual" Hornung, and the birth of WE Arts as a local arts community group for Vancouver's glorious West End. King George students will design and paint stage two of the mural this fall semester as part of their art class, celebrating 100 years of King George Secondary.

June 10 2014
Pendrell and Bidwell traffic diverter

In early June 2014 we used our Gordon House grant to spruce up the traffic diverter near the Lord Roberts Elementary School at Bidwell and Pendrell with long-lasting plants and a brick walkway.

We added azaleas, two red Japanese maples, several poppies and other plants to fill in the pocket garden in the traffic diverter. The plants helped create a fuller and more mature garden – but a bigger change was our own Yellow Brick Road.

June 6 2014
Gilpin Elementary

Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation through its Neighbourhood Small Grants, they inspired us to host the very first multicultural potluck dinner for our Gilpin community at Gilpin Elementary.