October 3 2014
Vancouver West End - King George High & Coast Plaza Hotel

King George Forever! - New KG Song Facilitated by WEArts

King George High School Students Create New School Song With Local Composer In Honour of Centennial Celebration

The West End Youth Art Jam is about youth making art in the West End as a community event. Our mission is to engage the youth in arts, drama & musical projects and to connect them with artist mentors.

June 7 2014
Mt Pleasant Park

Another Great Day in Vancouver


Eddie is known by many for his charm and outgoing personality.   He is extremely friendly and can often be heard saying things like “Hello Beautiful!” and “Let’s talk for a minute” to people he meets throughout the day.  These gifts were especially appreciated during the “My Great Day in Vancouver” event that neighbours hosted as part of the 100 in 1 Day citizen festival on June 7th.

November 4 2014
Moberly Arts Centre, Sunset
Mohinder Sidhu wanted to create a project where ladies could gather have tea together and learn to knit! If they could get enough yarn (and they got some donated!) she hoped they could create enough knitted items to donate to hospitals and shelters. Mission accomplished! Check out the photos :)
October 10 2014
Local Church, Sunset Neighbourhood
On a Friday evening in October, friends and neighbours gathered in the basement community hall and kitchen to cook as a community, socialize and learn how to create a new ethnic dish or two. Teams of participants helped chop, stir, roll, bake and simmer a variety of dishes of local and distant homeland inspiration. We gathered to dine as a community, marvel at the yummy feast, and meet new neighbours while seated at large round tables. Ursula Ekk has been organizing this community meal in Sunset, funded by a neighbourhood small grant for several years.