September 5 2017
PAL Vancouver Garden and Theatre at 581 Cardero Street

Maple syrup, 800+ pancakes, children’s entertainment, jazzy music and warm Canadian welcomes were served up to new and long-time Coal Harbour residents on July 1st! By 9:30am PAL Vancouver rolled out the red carpet to its spacious rooftop garden and theatre and neighbours quickly lined up alongside rented BBQs, griddles, and coffee urns.

September 4 2017
Garry Point Co-op Steveston, BC

Garry Point Co-op in Steveston held a Community BBQ on Saturday, August 26th. We shared our heritages by bringing food from our countries, cultures or childhoods, along with burgers and hot dogs. There was SO much great food to be tried! The kids enjoyed water play, a bouncy castle, playdough and chalk and craft stations, bubble gum blowing contest, skipping and hula hoops challenges and a scavenger hunt.

September 1 2017

Vancouver Foundation and our partners in Clayoquot Sound, Britannia Beach and Squamish are proud to announce that Neighbourhood Small Grants are open for 2017!

August 27 2017

We had a successful event making a traditional Mongolian dish- Buuz from scratch. It involved more than 50 people from neighbourhood and community. Together all had good time learning different shapes , tastes of Buuz, bonding, getting to know each other, sharing stories, playing.Also celebrating diversity and different cultures, winners in best shaped, best seasoned Buuz!

August 20 2017
Aberdeen Park, Joyce Collingwood Neighbourhood

Bike Repair Day in Joyce Collingwood was August 11th from 4-6 pm and the event was very enthusiastically received by neighbours!! Braving the heat wave, folks lined up to talk to us about various bicycle issues and learn about some simple repairs like patching flat tubes, adjusting brakes and gears, and lubricating chains.