December 17 2018

Written by Jenna Otto-Wray who has served as the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Coordinator for eight years.

December 10 2018
Erma Stevenson park Surrey

We organized a dancing party in the summer time on 28JUL18. We invited lots of our neighbors to join our dance party. All ladies are requested to wear white dress. We were all have fun in the party. We meet old and new friends and more and more people want to join in our non profit dancing group to practice dance for free every week. We are all excited for the next dancing party in 2019.

December 3 2018

My project took place in the meeting room of the Guildford library. From June 9, 2018 to June 30, 2018 every Saturday.

December 2 2018
Gordon Neighborhood House

'Free Reiki Morning' event was held on October 14, 2018 with the help of Small Neighborhood Grant in Westend. Reiki is a Japanese self care practice to promote a sense of deep calm and tranquility. Posters were posted along the Davie and Denman Street, in the shops and and also at coffee shops and well-being related businesses, as well as Gordon Neighborhood House and WorkBC City Center locations. 5 Westend residents attended the event, and were given a free introduction about Reiki and its origin. Afterwards a Reiki experience through guided meditation was given.

December 2 2018
Jim Deva Plaza

A pop-up umbrella fashion show held on November 17, 2018 at Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver's West End.

A runway show of custom umbrella designs with a jury panel and lots of fun. Created by the West End community.