November 10 2018
Oak avenue neighborhood hub

We had table tennis games every week .We can learn how to play table tennis from the coach.We can play table tennis from like to hobby and We can get healthy from this movement.. The pingpang day of 0ak Avenue neighbourhood hub had been held on September 28th. There was 12 males and 14 females players .There are more than 40 athletes, referees and service personnel. The youngest player is 65 years old and the oldest is 90 years old.

November 9 2018
9165 160st.Surrey

"I Love Canada concert” was a successful community event, with nearly 50 people participating in the event. Some parents also performed onstage with their children, and they developed the affection between their family in the course of the performance. The neighbourhoods have also enhanced their relationships, exchanged life skills , culture,and arts, and promoted the harmonious development of the community, this activity has also promoted the feelings of everyone to Canada!

November 9 2018
Fleetwood Park 15802 80 Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 0T3.

It was fun and nice to have a get together with neighbors and friends.

Made new friends and enjoyed the event.

November 9 2018
North Surrey, 108 A Avenue & 16300 Block Cul De Sac

Past NSG Event: June 23, 2018 Neighbourhood BBQ
Event was a great success:
- Opportunity to meet new and old neighbours, talk and enjoy some
- Games for children (ping pong, street hockey)
- Food and refreshments

November 9 2018

Annual neighbourhood BBQ Party. Good food, Music, Painting, Kids games, play cards, and so on. Welcome the local people meet each other , make friends and have a happy day.