August 15 2017
Queen's Park, New West

More than 60 people trashed their prejudices (aka preconceptions, judgements, biases, generalizations, stereotyping...) at Queen’s Park on Canada Day.
We bought a trash bin, pens and index cards, and asked people to write a prejudice they had heard or felt on one side, on the other a bias or prejudice they have.
Then Trash It!
There were a few quirky responses (apparently the Pattullo Bridge carries its share of animosity) but, over and again we were overwhelmed with the weight that people carry.

August 15 2017
14100-14200-14300 Riverport Way

What a beautiful day. Huge spirit of cooperation.
We had the number one chef from Vancouver and his father in law cooking our burgers. Teams of people on set up, activities for the children, buying food, and take down.
People dressed in Canada attire and talked to their neighbours.
The event was from 5-7 in our courtyard overlooking the Fraser River and one tug gave us the big toot toot salute.

July 15 2017
Anderson Creek Neighbourhood Park


Think about the moment when after a long and busy day, you pull into your drive way and tensions or noise of the day seemingly slide off your shoulders. It’s as if you had already slipped into your pyjamas and cuddled in a warm soft blanket; no one or anything could interest you in going out again that evening. It’s peace, it’s comfort and there’s no place like it – You Know When You’re Home. This captures how we feel about our neighbourhood, Anderson Creek.

August 14 2017
Garden City Park

We had 20 participants, including 5 kids for the Girl’s Day Out event. We were absolutely thrilled to see so many women and moms join the event on a hot summer afternoon amid the BC Day Long Weekend. Everybody took the time to cook some great food. At the end of the event, everybody had some food to take home with them.
Here are a few highlights of the event:

August 13 2017
Queen's Park

Many thanks to New Westminster Neighborhood Small Grants, especially Maylen Crespo, for providing us with the support necessary to put on this event.
There were over 50 people attended the picnic. Thank you to everyone for coming out, we hope you enjoyed! :)
Historic story-telling, treasure-hunting, national flags showing, photo taking were the main activities of the event.
Shelagh, one of our English Circle Volunteers, provided the following feedback: