November 30 2018
Dockside - Coal Harbour

As the opportunities to meet the foreigners of our building were rare, we prepared cooking meetings in order to be attractive.
The meetings were really good, with the help of Small grants we had success during the barbecues sharing the knowledge of Vancouver history and culture. Curiosities about the neighbors name, as Coal Harbor or Gastown for example. Local or old residents are proud of telling their history as well the newcomers are curious to learn.
The group is still small, but we can say now we have friends in neighborhood.

November 29 2018
BCS 3202, Vancouver, Outdoor Courtyard

Summer Soirée - Creating Condo Community
July 28th, 2018 4:30 - 6:00

November 29 2018
Club House

We had four events in October and November, targetting different age groups from elementary school, high school, and the transition to adulthood. I invited a professional speaker to talk about important topics for each group. Parents got to know each other and made friends. Some parents shared their experiences, so new-diagnosis families can have some guidelines without wasting too much energy and time. It’s good to know we have so many similar situations in this community and that we can find empowering solidarity.

November 29 2018
9981 Whalley BLVD Surrey, BC

There were 38 people attending the event.
We bought vast of flowers in the morning for the event.
The Teacher, Yuri, taught us the way of British Style Flower Arrangement and made some samples for us.
Our people experienced making the flower arrangement. They made their samples also.
We prepared a lot of foods for people on the event.
They said NSG is really good for our community.

November 29 2018
105th Avenue, Maple Ridge

The 104th Avenue Neighbours had a great day/ evening of Christmas light hanging and pot luck bbq on Nov 24th. The weather was pouring in the morning but cleared up as the day pasted into the evening, so approx 45 + neighbours attended. There were many volunteers that helped organize the Christmas lights install, the coordination of the food, the tents, food tables, and etc. We met the new neighbours families and there seemed to be many new dogs. So others brought their dogs to visit with everyone. They discussed block watch and future neighbourhood get togethers.