November 29 2017
Outdoors near Amenities Room

Our 4th annual BBQ and Potluck focused on reduce, reuse and recycle to make residents more aware of the extent of recycling. We also wanted to provide an activity for the children to keep them engaged and occupied. This year we had a paint on canvas project with the intention of displaying the finished pieces in our amenities room. Unfortunately, everyone wanted to keep their "works of art" so we were unable to display them. Although we did this with the children in mind, a lot of adults participated as well. It was a very well received project idea.

November 28 2017
4191 Williams Road

This was our first attempt to do a Neighborhood BBQ meet and greet with the assistance of the Small Neighborhood Grant. Over the years since the complex opened a number of residents have changed and no one knew one another. We set a date and invited everyone in the complex to come out and meet one another. We were pleasantly surprised with the turnout, just about everyone showed up including our neighbors outside of the complex.

November 26 2017
Granville Gardens Co-op

On August 26 we held a block party at the coop. We invited our neighbours in the strata complexes on either side of our property. Two committees were formed, one to handle the BBQ and set up and the second to,plan the children's activities. We started out with bike decorating and a parade of bikes then had a crafts table, face painting and a photo booth with props. A number of games were set up around our complex and children were given small prizes for completing all games. We had invited the firefighters and the RCMP.

November 25 2017
Hamilton Community Centre

The Richmond Art+Culture Expo was an initiative developed to celebrate art and culture in the Richmond community! Our first annual event on November 19th, 2017, took place at Hamilton Community Centre from 12 till 3 PM. Richmond artists showcased their unique skills and had the opportunity to share their talents with their neighbours. The event was a great platform for community members to create, connect, and collaborate.

November 23 2017
Community Member's Home

We have had a great time celebrating diverse cultures through cooking sessions which ranged from sushi to shortbread. We held the cooking sessions at a community member's home. We extended the invitation to participate through connections in the Brighouse neighbourhood. At each session, we had a "leader" who brought the necessary ingredients and taught us how to make different food. While the leader ensured the basics were there, participants were quick to bring additional food which helped us stretch the budget.