November 29 2018
100 Braid St Studios, New Westminster

A free community event fostering understanding, support and awareness for those living with Parkinson's. Everyone welcome!

November 28 2018
Dockside - Coal Harbour

Recycling plastic bags was the initial purpose of the project.
During the evolution of this project involving the building manager, we realized the main problem was still the environmental conscious of people. The organic bin was, every day, with plastic bags inside.
So, it was decided to start with HELPING people getting used to the habit of NOT DISPOSING PLASTIC INTO THE ORGANIC BIN.
The action and project were simple, and the initial results are being successful.

November 28 2018
neighborhood houses - don't want to list individual addresses

Neighborhood Pizza Fun
-fun discussions
-kids playing
-pizza eating

November 28 2018

Hyland Village Party.

November 27 2018
Fiasco Bros Studio, New Westminster

In 2017, a bunch of local musicians spent most of our evenings talking about our instruments on social media, but not playing them! Fast forward to New West Noise, powered by Neighbourhood Small Grants, whose generous support allowed us to secure a rehearsal studio, complete with all the equipment we need to play music together, at no cost to the participants. All were welcome, regardless of ability to perform, and a lot of fun was had.