October 23 2016
Penticton B.C.

Wow what an adventure! The families that live on Toronto Avenue embraced the idea of hosting a Neighbourhood Block Party.
Being new to the neighbourhood, when I saw the opportunity to host a block party, I jumped at the idea.  I started off with creating a basic budget and contacted my closest neighbourhood, KC, to be the co-applicant.

January 20 2017
London Landing, Steveston

Our block party was an opportunity for intergenerational connections to be made. In our neighbourhood, we deeply value and respect childrens' rights to outdoor play and defend this area as a free-range outdoor play space. By connecting neighbours, particularly those without children, we provide opportunities for conversations that lead to resolution, before they escalate into conflict. Our block party serves as a celebration of the past year and brings together all the neighbourhood stratas.

January 19 2017
Guildford Heights Park

On July 24, two families organized their resources and that of the Vancouver Foundation to bring together the Guildford community and enjoy a BBQ at Guildford Heights Park. Flyers were placed in apartment and townhouse complexes, that are walking distance to the park, and ads were posted on Craigslist and Facebook groups to inform people of this upcoming event. On the day of the party, one of the organizers utilized the popular PokemonGo app to attract attendees.

June 16 2016
Maple Ridge Secondary School

A large group of students and teachers came up with a great idea for a community garden that would offer the opportunity for students and neighbouring residents to work together on a common project.The plan provided work experience for students with disabilities, a mentoring opportunity for senior students and a chance for community members to be a part of the planning and work team.The garden has provided a wonderful legacy for future students and neighbours to interact and develop their gardening and leadership skills.

October 23 2016
Oliver B.C.

Wolk Creek Block Party!