November 27 2018
On site at the Strata Complex

We lived at a townhouse complex with 20 units. Although is a small complex but poeple hardly had a chance to talked to each other. As a strata council member, we try to see what we can do to enhance the connection between neighbour. Not just the one next door but for the whole complex.

The 2018 Neighbourhood Small Grant is our first application to such grant for the strata. Which provide an opportunity to help get the neighbours together.

November 27 2018
On our street

We had our wonderful annual block party. The turn out this year was not as large as we had planned on. The date was changed due to the neighbours being really busy during the summer. We all still had a fabulous time even tho we almost got rained out. The 1 exciting new adventure we are doing for our little community is a book barn/exchange. We are hoping to build it in the spring of 2019❤

November 27 2018
Participants' Home, Bear Creek Park, Surrey, and Neighborhood Common Room

we set up a group on a social media platform called WeChat. In this social group, we are not only setting up game appointments but also sharing food recipes.
We set regular game night on every Friday and Saturday. Friends come together with delicious foods or snacks, have fun and great times.
To build a closer relationship in our community, we hosted a BBQ this on June 23rd, 2018. More than 60 people from about 20 families attended this event at Bear Creek Park.

November 26 2018
House Driveways & Bear Creek Park, Surrey

With support from the Neighborhood Small Grant, we set up a group on a social media platform called WeChat last year. With automobiles as a common topic of interest, we share and demonstrate basic vehicle maintenance skills, knowledge and discuss handling tools and testing equipment.
In the group, we post information regarding vehicle maintenance trivia and common issues, we share safe-driving experiences and information, and we discuss features and functions of vehicles and tires.

November 26 2018
Errington Elementary School, Richmond

Mid-Autumn is an important festival in Chinese culture. Traditionally, it is a time of celebration for family reunion that involves moon-watching and other festivities, with the full moon being a symbol of family gathering. Given that the Broadmoor community in Richmond has a high proportion of residents of Chinese descent, we initiated an this get-together to bring our neighbours together for a Mid-Autumn potluck!