November 14 2017
Fraser River District

Purpose: To share stories of home and first nations and to connect the stories with all children, families.

Event details:
First Nations Traditional food tasting (bannock, local jam, salmon)
First Nations Storytelling
Crafts (beading) symbolizing the connection we have with nature
First Nations Singing Presentation
Book Reading/Availability
Poster for children/families to write out "what home means to them"
Language learning

Total time was approximately 1.5 hours

November 14 2017
Fraser River District

This event was inspired by my children playing with worms/learning about worms on a rainy day in April (two photos attached, one of journal entry, one of worm).
The event was very popular with children and families. Here are some photos plus a link to an educational worm video that we pulled together after the event.

FYI, here was the agenda for the day:

June 17 2017
South Vancouver Neighbourhood Centre - Fraser & 43rd

On June 17th local families met up for an event to kick off the summer in our neighbourhood. The goal was to connect children in our 'hood' - roughly centred around Macdonald Park in Sunset - at the beginning of the summer. They go to various schools and won't see their broader set of school friends over the summer. By getting the kids in our more direct neighbourhood together mid-June, they would be more ready to connect with each other over the summer.

November 12 2017
London Landing, Steveston

Our annual block party continues to be an opportunity for intergenerational connections and relationship building. Our strata comes together each fall to celebrate the back-to-school season and connect children who may not have met one another that are new to the neighbourhood. Our strata management company provides all the food and beverages for the afternoon, and our grant funds go towards the costs of bouncy castle rentals. The whole neighbourhood pitches in to decorate, set up games, crafts and sporting equipment as well as pick up, set up and supervise the bouncy castles.

July 8 2017
St Mary Park

Come and meet your neighbours at this fun and free event.