November 2 2018
The Cedars Seniors Co-op Clubhouse, 12254 84th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 9T9

An afternoon tea was held to honor members of our co-op that are aged "80 YEARS AND WISER." The theme was "stop and smell the roses."

The clubhouse was beautifully decorated for approximately 25 guests.

Tasty savories and sweets were served along with a choice of tea; coffee; hot chocolate with marshmallows & topped with whipped cream; and specialty 'virgin' mango cocktails in wine goblets with rims sugar coated in pink.

the best part of the tea was that no one wanted to leave when it was over. What a commpliment!

October 28 2018
Canberra Court, 8080 Bennett Rd

The event was a great party for neighbours living in the complex to see each other, to say hello and to share experience. We even met the neighbour who was the first family moving in this complex. It was really a good experience for this summer of 2018.

October 28 2018

At our annual BBQ and Potluck we promote community togetherness for residents of all ages to get to know one another. This years attendance had residents of all ages with our youngest being a 3 month old.

We ask everyone to bring a food item to contribute, This is a great conversation starter as people ask who brought the various dishes, the family stories behind the dishes and recipe exchanges. And as we have done in the past years, we encourage people to bring their own plates and cutlery as part of the reuse, reduce, recycle aspect.

October 28 2018
McKinney Park

On September 28, 2018, McKinney Elementary, with members of our community, celebrated the opening of the McKinney Park Indigenous Healing Garden. The event took place just days before Orange Shirt Day, and the school also had special events around reconciliation that day. The intention of the garden was to increase the public’s awareness of Indigenous Plants and their traditional edible uses or healing properties as used by the First People’s in our area. The students from McKinney school have been active in planting the garden and acting as caretakers of the garden.

October 26 2018
John T Errington Elementary

Over the summer, Broadmoor Neighbourhood Community Party was hold at John T Errington Elementary. All neighbors in Broadmoor community were invited to join this community gathering. Richmond RCMP Superintendent Will Ng, MLA John Yap were also invited to the party to discuss issues related community safety, infrastructure and other topics that community neighbors were concerned. We were glad that over 100 people attended the event and it provided a great opportunities for neighbors to know each other, to exchange thoughts on community developments and to try out various delicious food.