November 29 2018
9981 Whalley BLVD Surrey, BC

There were 38 people attending the event.
We bought vast of flowers in the morning for the event.
The Teacher, Yuri, taught us the way of British Style Flower Arrangement and made some samples for us.
Our people experienced making the flower arrangement. They made their samples also.
We prepared a lot of foods for people on the event.
They said NSG is really good for our community.

November 29 2018
105th Avenue, Maple Ridge

The 104th Avenue Neighbours had a great day/ evening of Christmas light hanging and pot luck bbq on Nov 24th. The weather was pouring in the morning but cleared up as the day pasted into the evening, so approx 45 + neighbours attended. There were many volunteers that helped organize the Christmas lights install, the coordination of the food, the tents, food tables, and etc. We met the new neighbours families and there seemed to be many new dogs. So others brought their dogs to visit with everyone. They discussed block watch and future neighbourhood get togethers.

November 29 2018
100 Braid St Studios, New Westminster

A free community event fostering understanding, support and awareness for those living with Parkinson's. Everyone welcome!

November 28 2018
Dockside - Coal Harbour

Recycling plastic bags was the initial purpose of the project.
During the evolution of this project involving the building manager, we realized the main problem was still the environmental conscious of people. The organic bin was, every day, with plastic bags inside.
So, it was decided to start with HELPING people getting used to the habit of NOT DISPOSING PLASTIC INTO THE ORGANIC BIN.
The action and project were simple, and the initial results are being successful.

November 28 2018
neighborhood houses - don't want to list individual addresses

Neighborhood Pizza Fun
-fun discussions
-kids playing
-pizza eating