May 30 2018
Imperial Drive

Our 2018 Imperial Drive Spring Dirt Party was a resounding success that attracted a large group of neighbours from Imperial, Alliance and Brunswick roads. We gathered at 4pm to plant flower baskets to hang in the pedestrian laneway that runs between the Imperial Drive cul de sac and the Railway-Moncton intersection. We also planted vegetable troughs with herbs and tomato seedlings for everyone to share. Two residents will be putting in a watering system this weekend to reduce the hassle of handwatering these plants over the summer.

March 2 2018

My involvement with our neighbours first began shortly after hearing neighbourhood stories and reference to Vancouver Foundation’s 2012 Connections and Engagement Survey. The survey results and the stories prompted me and my wife to begin our practice of neighbouring. I use the term practice as I feel it emphasizes an intentionality of being an active neighbour. This act of intentional neighbouring is rooted in my faith -  that to love God, is to love neighbour.  

March 2 2018

How can we deepen friendships and forge new practices with our isolated neighbours? Big annual events are  a great starting place.  But to nurture growing friendships and a web of care in our neighbourhoods, we need more than one gathering a year. I have found that simple hospitality, around good food – and hosted regularly in homes – provides the best foundation for developing a social fabric in a neighbourhood.

February 26 2018
The Wesbrook Community Centre

From the day we received the grant, we have been determined to put together the best event possible. As many of us know, artists today are stigmatized and often thought of as “inferior” - after all, we do nothing except paint stuff that honestly have no relation to anything of use just to make a living and try to please the upper class by creating obscure “modern” artworks that literally no one in the general population understands except for “the elites”, right?

February 21 2018
Prospect Avenue and Neighbourhood

With a neighbourhood street busy with children enjoying the park, tennis courts and recreation fields, we wanted to do something to calm the traffic. We heard of a similar project in Victoria, spoke with them and met to discuss ideas. We polled the neighbourhood to understand the level of support for this idea.