February 15 2017
South Vancouver Family Place

In South Vancouver, we gathered on a winter evening to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with a community dinner featuring ingredients from coast to coast. An inviting "log cabin" feeling was created by the smells of yummy foods, and decorating with strings of lights and candles. Forty five of us, young and old, donned our best toques (there were some good ones!) and plaid or Hockey Jersey attire.

February 15 2017
Collingwood Neighbourhood House

With our project, we hoped to provide engaging and exciting activities at zero-cost to youth that encourage greater attendance at Collingwood neighbourhood activities, foster a friendly and homey environment through building new relationships, and create a sense of belonging. Our activities will engage youth of all races, ethnicities, and cultures by fostering cross-cultural understanding and providing a safe and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds to engage with one another recreationally.

February 4 2017
South Hill Neighbourhood Centre

To promote and celebrate multiculturalism in Canada, the SVNH LEO club hosted a two hour Intercultural Festival on November 27, 2016. The event was held at the South Hill Neighborhood Center: an easily accessible location for everyone, including the seniors and the disabled. Tackling this project was not simple as we did not want people to just come, try samples, then leave. We were determined to provide a memorable experience by educating each guest about the different types of cultures present in our community and country.

February 1 2017
South Hill Neighborhood Center

From December to January, we divided the project into 3 sessions. We had about 20 youth to participate in this mural painting project. We had invited an artist to develop a lay out and ideas for the mural. During the first session, Kim helped us brainstormed about what we like about Canada as a new comer and what we wish it can be better. Youths wrote ideas on stick notes, and put them into two sides of the white board. When Kim arrived, she asked the youth to sketch the pictures that they have in their mind.

August 19 2016
Grandview Park

"A Little Birdie Told Me" was an inclusive event attended by 38 registered participants; 16 children under 10 years old and their accompanying adults, 4 adults from the posAbilities Alternative Arts program and their two support workers, everyone who registered participated. Our event was segmented offering ongoing opportunities to create a craft, joining in storytelling and theatre games, and the sharing of snacks and tea. Participants wove between each station throughout the afternoon.