September 30 2014
east pender and penticton community garden

My first year with the bees was not very successful honey wise but lots of information was learned and passed onto community garden members. Many bee fears were overcome by many community passerbyes. The smell was delicious all summer. There were many notes and positive comments about how wonderful it was to have the bees there. The children in the neighbourhood really enjoyed the raspberries and climbing the trees. The new flowes, fruit trees and ground covers that were planted did very well.

September 21 2014
Simon Fraser Village

We had our first community-wide block party on September 21st, to celebrate the end of the summer/beginning of the fall.

Volunteers from the community organized the party. Different people volunteered to buy food, decorations, prizes, organize the activities, get the sound system, etc. A flyer was distributed around the community and people spread the word of the event. 100+ people confirmed their assistance with more than 30 children. 

June 13 2014 to August 15 2014
37th and Elgin

The three concerts of our 2014 Music in the Park series were held under mostly sunny skies at 37th and Elgin in June, July, and August.  Plenty of folk from the neighbourhood, from the very wee to those who have lived here for years, showed up to hear the talented and charming artists who live in our midst.  Cyclists also took notice as they rode by, some even stopping to be part of the audience for a bit longer.  We got to hear a wonderful range of original music and covers, but the concerts showed for sure that we all love to sing along to the Beatles!

October 5 2014 to November 23 2014
Suite # 101 - 93 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC

This is an one hour parent participation Mandarin environment / program for kids age of 3 to 5. We will have free play, circle time with songs, rhymes, stories and games etc. All in Mandarin. The children will have a fun time of learning Mandarin. Nutritional snacks and drinks will be provided.

Free admission

June 18 2014 to September 10 2014
The Drive Garden

With our Neighbourhood Small Grants we built two new picnic tables and a bench for our community garden.  

The new additions to our garden have been a big hit with our gardeners and community members who use the space. The day after they were built, one of our gardeners walked by the garden and saw an ESL class sitting at the picnic tables enjoying a lunch in the garden.