Ora Community BBQ

Richmond Oval Village
September 29, 2018
04:30 pm

Our neighbourhood BBQ took place on Saturday September 22nd. It was a huge success! This was our first annual BBQ and we hoped the weather would hold and people would show. Our fears were relieved the morning of the event when the sky cleared and that afternoon a big crowd showed. Our neighbours and their families enjoyed good food and conversation. Residents learned about our community garden, BlockWatch, and our council gathered valuable insight on what they might like to see in the future to keep people connected ( A mahjong club, running club, and badminton net.)
We were very happy with our neighbourhood businesses too which stepped up and provided supplies, materials, and cash to support our event. Thanks to our volunteers, community sponsors (BMO, T&T, Shopper’s, London Drugs And CRC Pharmacy) and most importantly the residents!
Thanks to our neighbourhood small grant our community is better connected and a friendlier place to live.