Resources for Grantees

We want to provide you with as many great resources as possible to help make your Neighbourhood Small Grant or Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant project a success.

There are many great tools and techniques out there to help you plan and deliver your project. The trick is knowing which ones to use. Our team of project coordinators is currently working on a list of the best resources and recommendations for you.

Please check back here soon.


Letting people know your project was supported by a Neighbourhood Small Grant or Greenest Neighbourhood Small Grant is one way you can help spread the word about community building.

When promoting a project funded by a Neighbourhood Small Grant or Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant, we ask you to acknowledge Vancouver Foundation and the local partner organization in your area by using our logo.

The purpose of this is to raise awareness and encourage of the role of philanthropy and community partnerships in supporting community connections and engagement, in order to encourage support and funding for projects like yours in the future.

The logos below are available for you to download and use on project materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, leaflets, social media, online event pages, and invitations. Please click on the format you require and save it to your desktop, or right click the links below and choose "Save target as...”


Social media

If you like using social media, follow Vancouver Foundation and mention us when you promote your project. Use the #VFNSG hashtag, and we’ll look for ways to help promote your project. Follow us on Twitter: @VancouverFdn or on Facebook: VancouverFdn.