Kids N' Queens
Gordon Neighbourhood House

On July 27th West End neighbours gathered at Gordon Neighbourhood House to celebrate Pride with a free family-friendly event.
Kids N’ Queens is a story-time hosted by a local drag-queen Mina Mercury. This year we expanded on our previous programming. We read stories, watched performances, sung songs, did crafts, and played dress-up in a photo booth!
Our friends in the community showed their support of our event by rallying outside to ensure the event was safe and positive for the kids and families that attended.

Jepson-Young Lane, West End, Vancouver

The project was called "Plants in the Yard".
We purchased plants and distributed them at Mole Hill Community Housing for neighbours to share. The plants were intended to add greenery to the yards surrounding the houses at Mole Hill. Many people planted them in pots on porches, balconies and shared living areas. (Plants for community gardens were excluded from this grant.)
The grant was partly intended to encourage edible growth in areas usually limited to lawns or decorative plants.

West End

This BBQ social was a lot of fun and provided a rare opportunity for the neighbours in our building to connect and share some food, laugh and open up. We sat outdoors on the grass on blankets and large cushions. We had a local band come and play and sing some songs. We had games like Jenga and bean-bag throwing. Everyone contributed some of their favourite food and it was beautiful to see with lots of vegetarian and vegan options for everyone. People came together on the Canada Day weekend to celebrate, get to know each other, and connect with the greater community. 

West End

We had about 20 participants in the Recycle-It-Right workshops. Some people admitted they were somewhat careless with recycling and were happy with the encouragement to improve their methods. Many were happy to get rid of old electronics, hard plastics and miscellaneous items from bikes, toys, extra clothing, bedding and kitchen items that had been littering their apartments for years. Everyone had an opportunity to learn more about proper recycling and now know that even one container with a little peanut butter or yogurt can contaminate a tonne of paper and render it useless!

West End

We invited our friends and neighbours to bring at least one person they knew in our neighbourhood to our community kitchen. The requirement for each person attending was to bring someone they knew or said hello to recently. We encouraged them to make their favourite dishes. For each of the 3 meals, about 12 participants helped with set-up, cooking, entertainment, cleaning and washing. The church kitchen was spacious and well-equipped so it was easy to find whatever we needed.

West End

We had 3 successful workshops to learn about food repurposing with about 15 participants from all walks of life who were at different stages of knowledge. We discussed how food waste affects us all ie. in Canada 1/3 of food produced is wasted which accounts for 133 billion lbs of the 430 billion lbs of food produced; food waste is the no.1 source of garbage in land-fills and accounts for 17% of greenhouse gases.

Enthusiastic volunteers enjoy our Community Garden.

We are an enthusiastic group of garden volunteers who work to maintain our beautiful roof garden in a social housing building -"PAL" (Performing Arts Lodge) .
PAL provides housing for folks over 50 -mostly retired from the Performing Arts.
We were delighted to be awarded a NSG in 2019 , which helped us to accomplish some very worthwhile tasks.

Wand Creation Table
West End Community Centre

12 year old Samantha led an open house seminar on how to make your Harry potter inspired Wand.
It was divided up into 3 separate work area, the wand inspiration table, where you picked out what bits and bobs could create your own special wand.
Then you moved on to the wand creation table where you hot glued your chopstick into the form and shape you wanted it to be, finally you finished off at the wand painting table where you put the final gloss and color on your own personal piece.

Wand creation table
West End Community Centre
1019 Broughton Street

My grant was used to present a series of films (along with popcorn and drinks) for free the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in Room One of Gordon House.

To-date, I've shown six films, with seven more on the way. (The next one is "Sunset Boulevard" at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday the 23rd of January.)

The movies usually attract about 20 people, and everyone gets as much buttered popcorn as they'd like, as well as a drink.