Between the tail end of 2017, and the rest of 2018, there wasn't much of a break between cold and flu seasons. I work in food, and also in health, and noticed that people in Vancouver were continually sick!

This is an expensive city to live in, and most of us can't afford to miss several days of work.
This workshop focused on affordable, accessible, natural, and edible measures that people can take daily, as a step of preventative health care, to protect themselves, their families, and communities from illness.

Fleetwood Park, Surrey, BC
July 22 2018 to December 19 2018

We successfully organized the 2nd year annual summer barbecue with a turnout of around 50 members.

Media Room - Milano Building, Burnaby Street
December 17 2018

Our building is a perfect example of a vertical community with a variety of condo units stacked 18 floors high. It is challenging for neighbours to not only meet each other, but also get know each other.

December 17 2018
 Written by Adonia Towe, an NSG Committee Member in the Carnegie, Strathcona, Ray-Cam Community.
December 17 2018

In his book Building Community, Paul Born reminds us that strong, connected communities do not occur automatically; rather, they are fostered by a “conscious, proactive, intentional effort to hold on to and build on the connections between us” (2014 p.5). When we thread all of what we do with an attention to the possibility of connection and care, over time we can embroider a tapestry of community into our life.

December 17 2018

Written by Jenna Otto-Wray who has served as the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Coordinator for eight years.

Gordon Neighbourhood House
December 10 2018

The Work Shop was designed to be a fun learning environment for participants to experience the benefits, ease and affordability to making their own body/house/cleaning products at home through selecting readily available every day natural ingredients.

The Work Shop provided recipe books, ingredients, hardware and reading material for each participant to experiment and take home their creations.

Erma Stevenson park Surrey
December 10 2018

We organized a dancing party in the summer time on 28JUL18. We invited lots of our neighbors to join our dance party. All ladies are requested to wear white dress. We were all have fun in the party. We meet old and new friends and more and more people want to join in our non profit dancing group to practice dance for free every week. We are all excited for the next dancing party in 2019.

Gordon Neighbourhood House
December 8 2018

The project consisted of presenting three movies over three months:

• 17 September – Bombón: el perro (from Argentina)
• 15 October – La mala educaciòn (from Spain)
• 19 November – Gallipoli (from Australia)

Using posters, and ads on Craigslist, we advertised these films (enticing people with free popcorn and pop) throughout the neighbourhood. We used to get people to order their free tickets. Each showing saw about 40 people book tickets and approximately 20 people showed up per movie.

West End
December 5 2018

The West End Free Kitchen delivers weekly hot meals and supplies to people living on the street in the West End. The program is simple: stocked with hot food, water and personal supplies in our car trunk, we drive through the West End looking for neighbors who may be in need.

Residents want to help their West End neighbours living with out a home and don’t know where to start. This program provides a way to be of service to neighbours in need while connecting people that may not have necessarily interacted.