September 16 2018

Hogarth Place had its' annual Cul-de-sac event on Sunday,
Sept. 16th.

Under normal weather conditions, we sit outside in our c-d-s. However, this year, it was too cold and rainy, so we moved inside one of the neigbhours home. 
The neighbourhood is diverse and we had neighbours that are: German, Austrian, Mainland Chinese,
HongKong-nese, Turkish, Taiwanese, Canadian and Danish. Everyone came together and contributed to a dish from their nationality. 

Frost Road Elementary & Dog wood Elementary
November 19 2018

Our even is dancing together!

Dancing is often considered a recreational activity and all too often overlooked for the positive physical,mental and social health qualities. People will not feel lonely when they dance with other people.

They are more healthy and happier after dance with friends and neighbors. They will forget the troubles and the sadness during dancing. People change a lot after keep dancing. Our project can help people meet new friends and get good relationships with their neighbors.

16211 93A AVE SURREY
November 19 2018

SunShine Choir  Event
It was on 21st Oct,  a beautiful day, around 25 SunShine Choir members and some of their audiences gathered in a Fleetwood house for a Performance Party.
Different types of small choruses were performed. All the audiences enjoyed very much and our demonstration were recorded by some pictures and videos . The instructor Ms. Zhou made some comments on the specific skills and feelings of our singings. The future plan of our choir was warmly discussed after the demonstration.

Nelson Park off Comox St. Vancover's West End
November 17 2018

The Nelson Park Community Garden was ten years old this year and we decided to have a birthday party in the park for the community gardeners also inviting the wider community as many people stop to talk with us as we are tending our plots.

We held this party on August 25th, 2018. We erected a tent to cover our cake and our information in case of rain. Although it was cloudy and there were a few showers there was a good attendance by gardeners and community.

Erma Stephenson Park
November 15 2018

The event was hold in Erma Stephenson Park on August 29th .
More than 60 people took part in the event.
Most people were from ethnic Chinese. One person was from ethnic Korean, One person was from ethnic Vietnamese.
People were dancing and singing.
Some people went ethnic Dai dance. Some went ethnic Sinkiang dance. A dance, called “Cheongsam Show” was very attractive, which showed a kind of Chinese women tradition costume.

Bear Creek Park, Surrey BC
November 15 2018

The theme of this grant was “know your neighbors and connect”.

Food, sports and appreciation of nature was something that would easily connect us with each other. This grant was to utilize those traits to bring the community members together and celebrate diversity. We divided it into two components.

New Westminster
November 15 2018

* Block Party in the alley
* Talent Show (Kids)
* Cooking Contest
* Clean up Neighbourhood
* Blockwatch Dinner
* Dinner/Appie Evening
* Fort Building Contest

Lots of socializing and mingling and creating a safe and friendly neighbourhood

16-15875 84 ave, Surrey
November 14 2018

There were about 40 participants coming to join together. We had a good time at the event, where people got to know each other and exchange thoughts and ideas of how to become a real Canadian.

Nelson Park Community Garden
November 14 2018

This year our NPCG Apiary focus was on apiary maintenance and improvement and community education. We had a wonderful year with the bees and were able to host two community learning workshops in the garden as well as meeting countless neighbours who stopped by during our bee inspections. We have experienced a huge amount of support for our bees in the community garden and their contribution to local food security, green infrastructure awareness, as well as the health of our community garden.

In West End, Vancouver
November 13 2018

I recently completed the Master Recycler Program conducted by Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, in Vancouver. As a certified Master Recycler, I felt I had learnt so much during through the course. And hence I decided to share my knowledge with my neighbours through this workshop.