Party Time!!!
Bear Creek Park

At this summer, We invited Mr. He, who is a licensed driving instructor, to bring some safe drive tips.
He shared some newer ICBC policies, at the same time, he answered all audiences' question.
He emphasized to youth not to Drink and Drive or Drive after using Drugs.
After the session, we comers were invited our summer BBQ at Bear Creek Park.
Everyone who participated our event said they learned new things, clarified some confused things, updated their knowledge, and they met many new friends and neighbors. They really had a great day.

West End, Vancouver

Our project was incredibly rewarding as it has been for the past 2 years since building our apiary in Nelson Park. Every bee inspection, at least twice a month, we have neighbours stop by the bees, ask questions, and express support for the project. It has been so worthwhile to bring bees to the West End in such an accessible way, so all our neighbours can see them on a daily basis and bees can be part of their lives in the city. This project has helped educate people about the role of honeybees in pollinating our community green spaces such as Nelson Park Community Garden.

Residents at The Horizon mingle at our summer Social
West End, Vancouver

The Horizon Gathering Project 201900
Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation Small Neighbourhoods Grant, our Burnaby Street community in the West End has become better connected, strengthened and active.
Our $400 grant was used for:
• A July Social and Potluck that gathered residents for an afternoon of mingling, food and music
• A community garden box and herbs
• A Pizza Night combined with a meeting of our residents’ group
• Halloween candy for residents to enjoy and to hand out

Newton - Surrey

The organizers and community pulled it together one more time for the 6th Annual Christmas Caroling Event- with many thanks to NSG for their part in various the grants collected by ourselves and co- organizers.

It was an event filled with heartwarming , festive community fun- opening drum ceremony by Grama Amy, live band Carol singing by a husband and wife duet ,tons of free raffle prizes given away, free hot Fijian food provided by S.K. Counselling, snacks and hot chocolate / coffee, free craft tables for kids - making decorations and pin buttons!

TaiChi Show
Fleedwood community Centre, Surrey

Yun Taichi Club is a volunteer-based, community-oriented, and non-profit organization, set up in 2016 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, teaching standard Taichi martial arts for health, entertainment, performance, and tournament.

English Bay - West End- Downtown Vancouver

We managed to have three dates devoted for gathering, welcoming and sharing stories from a twenty, ten and one year old relocated people to West End, and downtown Vancouver. It turned out great as our lovely greater Vancouver particularly downtown peninsula is increasingly becoming very diverse and no one should ever feel lonely here in this rainbow diversity!

(Sunday July the 14th, Saturday August the 10th, and Sunday September the 15th.)

Freemason Hall, Surrey

The Pit Stop Youth Party was held in Surrey at Freemason Hall at the address 14042 Grosvenor Road. The party officially began at 6PM, and included food, snacks, drinks and a live DJ.

Bear creek park 13750 88 ave

Many seniors are in canada for many years but they do not know much about the benefits they could enjoy. We invited Ms. Rosan who have been working for the SUCCESS for many years and is very experienced in this field. She made a very good lecture and Mr Mannie who is an official for the Surrey also present. The lecture was very successful and the seniors learnt a lot from the lecture.

New King Do seafood restaurant

We hosted a “singing get together” at 9:30 AM for Oak Ave neighborhood Hub Society, there are participants who are interested in singing, learners who willing to lear singing and also down audiences. We had group singing , duet singing and also solo... everyone enjoyed and we are happy to host this event for the community and wish that we could host again next year. The neighborhood improved the relationship and tightened the bonding , this platform not only helping building the relationship but strength the friendship and making neighborhood homonymous.

The BBQ was held at Bear Creek Park in Surrey (88Ave at King George Hwy) on Thursday, Oct 24  at 11am. There were 57 people who attended the party. The organizers are Fenying Xu and Shi Ting Zhu. It was a successful party and we all appreciated your sponsorship.