2033 Beach Avenue
December 1 2018

"Eating & Meeting Party" was our NSG project with the intention of connecting residents of the building through a party, eating delicious food, and exchanging ideas about our building and our community.

I have lived in my building for about seven years and have met many of the residents briefly, just saying Hi and Bye. This project was a perfect ground for many of us to have the time and opportunity to get to know each other. The residents were coming from different backgrounds so we could celebrate diversity and strengthens the sense of belonging.

2033 Beach Avenue
December 1 2018

"No to Plastic Bags!" was a project intending to encourage the community to eliminate the usage of plastic bags.

240 Sandringham Ave
November 30 2018

A little free library for our neighborhood to use - young and old.

I'm not a craftsmen by any stretch and my woodworking tools are rather primitive, but with a little bit of patience and some help from my friends we accomplished it. And the books even stay dry!

Amicae Housing Co-Op
November 30 2018

The Amicae Housing Co-Op community held a bee-friendly planting event in July of 2018. Dozens of bee-friendly perennial flowers and pots were set up in the community courtyard along with soil and tools ready for planting. Neighbours planted a variety of flowers in pots to feed the local bee population and took them back to their patios and balconies. Neighbours who were not able to attend or were unable to participate were treated to plants delivered to their doors.

West End
November 30 2018

We received the grant in late spring/early summer. It was a bit too late for most gardeners who already bought seedlings and seeded their plots with herbs and vegetables.
After consulting with the Mole Hill gardeners, we decided to use portion of the grant money to purchase small gardening tools (garden trowels, sheers, cultivators, watering hose, twine, etc).
The rest of the grant was spent on garlic bulbs which are to be planted in fall; we distributed these garlic bulbs among the gardeners with planting instructions.

Corner of comox/Broughton
November 30 2018

We hosted 2 community barbecue and meet & greet. July and August.
We provided majority of the food and barbecue manpower. We let people know that if they wanted to bring a side dish or something special to barbecue? That would be fine. Or if they wanted a beverage other than what we were providing they would be welcome to do so.
The events started at 5 and went till 8pm. (Knowing that there would be families with small children)
We had several returning neighbors who attended our barbecues in 2016 and were very happy to see us hosting again this year.

St. Paul's Hospital, Providence Building
November 30 2018

Through the Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) and the Greenest City NSG, the Downtown Intercultural Gardeners Society (DIGS) has been able to acquire the necessary equipment to build two beehives for the DIGS/St. Paul’s Observational Beehive Project that will be located on the roof of the Providence Building at St. Paul’s Hospital. DIGS is an intergenerational, multiethnic group of predominantly downtown Vancouver residents who have operated a community garden on the rooftop of St. Paul's Hospital over the past seven years.

Mole Hill, Vancouver West End
November 30 2018

The grant funded the construction, installation of six garden boxes. Two are for two senior tenants who had trouble accessing our community gardens. Two were given to children at the daycare, who do not qualify for a plot in our community garden, and two are community herb-sharing gardens for anyone to use. The grant also funded a small bench beside the herb gardens, which has proved popular as a resting spot.

Gordon House
November 30 2018

So much fun! We had a great turn out! Lots of neighbours came and made their own pinatas, ate pizza, drank coffees and met lovely folks :) It was a beautiful October day and we crafted outside!
We had snacks and fruits and coffees donated from local businesses- too cool!
Such a wonderful way to celebrate our community!
Thank you!

Melriches Coffee House
November 30 2018

I created pinata likenesses of folks from our community to be displayed at local coffee institution Melriches on Davie at Bute! The show was up for a month and I held a pinata workshop to bring together neighbours and strangers to craft and get to know each other. The show was a huge success and was featured on CBC Arts! I feel so proud of our community and grateful for a chance to share my craft with folks :) Thank you!