Glenbrook Ravine Park
June 23 2019

A Community, Arts, Ecological, Whimsical Outdoors ​Event
​The New West Summer Night’s Dream Solstice Event is a community artistic endeavor and will be held in Glenbrook Ravine on Sunday June 23rd 2019. This new event involve many artistic partners: NWSS Fine Arts students (drama, arts, dance, and music) and local professional artists. ​

Calligraphy workshop
Guildford Library Conference Room

The main purpose of the project by invite our neighbors to public easy access location to share craft and calligraphy community event that build relationship between neighbors and local communities. All age groups were welcome incl. children from age 4 or 5 to seniors, education professionals to culture advocacy. We had a successful afternoon for many children and educational professionals and citizens of our neighbors and local communities. A great learning experience for all of us.

BBQ party post
108A Ave and 163 Street BBQ party
June 3 2019 to June 21 2019

As a non-profit dancing group, we focus on the health and happiness of our neighbors. Our project can help people meet new friends and get good relationships with their neighbors. Also they will
learn dancing skills and be healthy and happy. We also organize some parties after dancing class. Organize them to
perform dancing in the public. Such as Langley senior house in Christmas, Chinese new year celebration party , Surrey
Fusion Festival in summer.. All neighbors are very proud to contribute for our community.

On a recent sunny morning, the Salt Spring library’s program room was filled with conversation, laughter and the occasional squeal from a happy baby. Groups of women were gathered around several wooden coat stands and ladders, busily knotting macramé plant hangers as they chatted.

As I think about different issues that we are facing today, there is no better time to exercise being a citizen and being a resident of your community. There is one powerful thing that we can do, VOTE.
Last year, we had municipal elections all over the province. As the election date approached, many of the candidates began popping up on my social media feed explaining their platform.


Between the tail end of 2017, and the rest of 2018, there wasn't much of a break between cold and flu seasons. I work in food, and also in health, and noticed that people in Vancouver were continually sick!

This is an expensive city to live in, and most of us can't afford to miss several days of work.
This workshop focused on affordable, accessible, natural, and edible measures that people can take daily, as a step of preventative health care, to protect themselves, their families, and communities from illness.

Fleetwood Park, Surrey, BC
July 22 2018 to December 19 2018

We successfully organized the 2nd year annual summer barbecue with a turnout of around 50 members.

Media Room - Milano Building, Burnaby Street
December 17 2018

Our building is a perfect example of a vertical community with a variety of condo units stacked 18 floors high. It is challenging for neighbours to not only meet each other, but also get know each other.

December 17 2018
 Written by Adonia Towe, an NSG Committee Member in the Carnegie, Strathcona, Ray-Cam Community.