13688 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 0G5

Supported by Small Grants Program from Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub Society, our group celebration party was held in the game room on the first floor between 6:00pm and 11:00 pm on November 16, 2019. Friends arrived as scheduled. Dressed in festive costumes, I came to the scene with a good mood, happy songs, mutual greetings, and delicious food, let us spend a wonderful night. Thank you for your support and companionship in the past year. The neighboring mutual aid group has grown rapidly from the beginning of the group. Currently, there are 47 people in the group.

Poster for "Plant Swap and Propagation Workshop"
West End

I hosted a series of workshops and events about indoor plant care this summer and fall at Gordon Neighbourhood House in the West End. The first event was a workshop called "Repotting Basics" that was supported by a local business, Plant Therapy. The second workshop was a collaboration with Joey Liu, Farmer/Community Programmer at Gordon House. We hosted a Plant Swap and Propagation Workshop which you can see the pictures. In between, I also hosted drop-in house plant "clinics," where people could bring their sad plants for a check-up.

Our Home in Fraser Heights

This project was aimed at bringing kids of all ages together and appreciating everyone’s talent. We held a small talent show where people performed piano, violin, singing and many more. Over 13 kids and even more parents came to enjoy this show. This project helped kids come out of their shell and perform for other people. We also bought food, such as pizza, subway, sushi, chips, and fruits & veggies. There were also drinks, like juice boxes and soda.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House and H W Flesher Co-Op Complex

The workshop was designed to work with small groups of people from the neighbourhood to give people tools and goals for taking personal climate action, as well as information about climate change and what kinds of collective actions can be taken.
Each workshop was between 1.5-2 hours in length. The workshop format went as follows:
Introduction/setting of expectations
Overview of the science of climate change
Discussion of climate concerns, impacts, motivations
Sorting of the Climate Journey cards to identify most effective personal actions

Busy in group discussion
Surrey Central Library, Surrey

Program Details:
The Nepali youth club formation program was conducted to bring all the Nepali youth together in order to provide a space for them to connect and voice how they would like their community to look like in the future. The objective of the program was a platform where they can share, discuss their everyday life and the issues they face as an ethnic minority and help them create a forum to support themselves. These ideas will further help them organize events and programs which provide a sense of belonging for them and lessen the intergenerational gap.

Hawthorne Park

My small grants project was to engage the youth in our community and have a small party at our local park. I also had a similar project last year and it was a huge success. There was a large turn-up rate that year and motivated me to run the same event this year.

The participants had a great time! They shared very positive feedback and it was an enjoyable time for all of us. They had fun and when asked, they said they would attend a similar event in the future.

Planning committee
Apple Greene Park, Richmond

A Celebration of the Multiculturalism in our community of Apple Greene Park was held this past August long weekend. We invited all the residents of the Apple Green Complex as well as neighbours to attend the cultural pot luck luncheon. It was an all ages event with activities for everyone with food, music, activities and the opportunity to meet someone new to them. Attendees played a know your neighbour game to get people mingling and socializing. Posters were put up with basic greetings and salutations from seven different languages that are prominent in the community.

Richmond Secondary School Garden

Richmond Secondary Green Team implemented a pollinator-friendly garden under the David Suzuki Foundation Butterflyways Project. Overall, the block party was a success. After enjoying food and conversations, we all went to the garden plot to observe the plants and decorations. A few green team members gave a speech on the purpose of the garden, and our gardening efforts. We mentioned how the garden is to provide habitat for pollinators as many species are at risk due to habitat loss from urbanization/industrialization.

Beer Creek Park

This program was aimed to use those traits to bring the community members together and celebrate diversity. Sports and appreciation of nature are something that can easily connect us with each other hence we organized get-together picnic at Beer Creek Park on 11 August 2019. About 25 people including kids, youth and seniors participated in the program .

During the picnic, everyone was encouraged to share some talent or skill they have. This involved sharing their grandmother’s or own recipe to have varieties of delicious food.

Tynehead Regional Park

This project was aimed at bringing the neighborhood children together for fun filled hiking trips in Surrey. We chose Tynehead Park as it is an easy hike for the sake of safety and convenience. About 20 people including kids, youth and seniors arrived at Tynehead Park in the afternoon on 24 August 2019. After setting up the spot, we started hiking in groups guided by adults. After hiking, he assembled back to the spot and discussed with youth about the benefits of Hiking.