Participants' Home, Bear Creek Park, Surrey, and Neighborhood Common Room
November 27 2018

we set up a group on a social media platform called WeChat. In this social group, we are not only setting up game appointments but also sharing food recipes.
We set regular game night on every Friday and Saturday. Friends come together with delicious foods or snacks, have fun and great times.
To build a closer relationship in our community, we hosted a BBQ this on June 23rd, 2018. More than 60 people from about 20 families attended this event at Bear Creek Park.

House Driveways & Bear Creek Park, Surrey
November 26 2018

With support from the Neighborhood Small Grant, we set up a group on a social media platform called WeChat last year. With automobiles as a common topic of interest, we share and demonstrate basic vehicle maintenance skills, knowledge and discuss handling tools and testing equipment.
In the group, we post information regarding vehicle maintenance trivia and common issues, we share safe-driving experiences and information, and we discuss features and functions of vehicles and tires.

Errington Elementary School, Richmond
November 26 2018

Mid-Autumn is an important festival in Chinese culture. Traditionally, it is a time of celebration for family reunion that involves moon-watching and other festivities, with the full moon being a symbol of family gathering. Given that the Broadmoor community in Richmond has a high proportion of residents of Chinese descent, we initiated an this get-together to bring our neighbours together for a Mid-Autumn potluck!

1, Princess Margaret Secondary School(12870 72 Ave, Surrey); 2, 108-10422 168 street, Surrey
November 26 2018

In the past months, we finished 8 sessions for this project in Princess Margaret Secondary School and Fraser Heights area. The topics were about housing, family relationship and education. Each session had a unique topic,but those topics were logically relative and matched our project content -- dealing with housing issues correctly. For young people, which was a better choice, renting an apartment, investing a property or living with parents? In the course of discussing and experience sharing, we found it was important to maintain a good relationship with parents and family.

Strawberry Hill Library
November 26 2018

‘Pakistani in Vancouver Meet and Greet Team’ is a group of talented and devoted ladies. Our mission is to empower and inspire new immigrant families and individuals, help them build connections to make informed and valuable choices.

Courtyard: 1244 West 7th Avenue
November 26 2018

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, our organizing committee hosted the Fairview Neighbourhood Gathering IV, which had an Indigenous theme this year, as opposed to previous years when our focus was primarily on getting to know new neighbours and keeping contact with those who had attended the previous gatherings.
The beautiful artistic hanging that decorated our space was a gift to me from the Elder and grade 7 students at my last VSB school, Grandview/?uuqinak'uuh, as was the red cape that we hung on a tree. We also added two bouquets of red and black helium filled balloons.

Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver's West End
November 26 2018

Qi Day is an organized event founded in 2016 by Jacob Larmour and Caroline MacGillivray to promote awareness and increase educational opportunities for the general public to learn about the healing aspects of Qi (Life Force Energy) and TCM. Over the past 3 years, we have introduced and supported over 1,000 people with classes, treatments and information. We would love to have you come and join us for this special version of Qi Dance as we celebrate movement from the ancient practice of Qigong as well as you own free-form version to dive in deeper.   

Davie and Nicola
November 25 2018

I really wanted to show case the beautiful native plants we share this part of the world with while also celebrating our unique canadian climate by building a hardy tropical and native plant garden. I believe that by building these spaces for the public to enjoy it adds character to our beautiful city which helps in creating and maintaining an identity. Its also a symbol of thinking green and setting a good example for how to better utilize spaces within a city.

Denman Street
November 25 2018

We connected and engaged with neighbours by creating space at Car Free Day, inviting families to sit down and be creative as well as inviting them to our monthly dinners. People stopped by with children painting rocks, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and sharing their vision for a better neighbourhood. Adults also filled out postcards and what they love and what they would like to see more of in our neighbourhood. We encouraged them to go to the politicians at Car Free Day to engage with them and share their visions.

Pinewood Leisure Centre
November 24 2018

We rented Pinewood Leisure Centre's gym, hosted a potluck party for our neighbours from the community. Over 25 family attended with yummy treats.There were two neighbours even brought their own cooker to make everyone three courses meal on the spot. We had invited the performers of Semiahoo Jazz Duo playing festive live music for everyone. Kids had fun at the arts and craft station. We also had some balls and matts out for them to play. We created a price draws for every family to bring home a little gift such as tote bag, markers, stickers, puzzle box etc.