We held the "Health and Wellness communication for the elderly" NSG event at 13688 100 Ave. Surrey,
Floor-2 Party Room,,13688 100 Ave

Dear NSG Community Coordinator:

At the event
HBFC Community Center, Surrey

We wanted to organize a cultural exchange and learning so that the community recognizes, respects and celebrate diverse cultures of people that all call Canada home. With the help of funds received from Neighbourhood Small Grants and logistic support provided by HBFC (Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada) we organized the program in 3 sessions held on August 4, 11 and 18th.

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

On August 31st, 2019, we held the Fourth Annual Lantern Giveaway at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. This year, we also invited Ken Lam, a culinary instructor from VCC, to demonstrate how to make mooncakes. It was a wonderful turnout, with interests from all ages. We also had raffles for mooncake presses so that people will have a chance to try making mooncakes at home. We used the Facebook social media platform to advertise the event, and the neighbourhood house greatly helped with leaflets and word of mouth.

Homemade Salve Workshop
Vancouver Westside

Our two part homemade salve workshop was a wonderful success! Its goal of transferring knowledge to fellow community members showing them how to make natural salves using local flora with beautiful healing properties was definitely achieved.

West 8th Ave

We held a "Demystify Your Bike Workshop" in conjunction with our Car Free Days Block Party. The workshop was a fun informative event. Neighbours brought their bikes for hands on experience. Sandra Allen from Bikes For All very capably led the workshop. We were given practical information on how to clean our bikes, oil the chain, pump tires, change a flat, and make small adjustments. Participants left with tire levers, a patch kit and small tube of chain oil.

grape leaves
Home in Dunbar, Vancouver

On July 29th, we hosted an intergenerational women's gathering based on learning more about menstruation and how we can take better care of our bodies as women (or those born into women’s bodies). Pre-event, organizers gathered to make food that was pack-age free and sourced from local farms.

This was prompted by conversations around health, healthcare providers that do not take into account specific needs of women.

80 Walter Hardwick Ave, Vancouver

Our event began with a fantastic array of food, drinks and desert, some of which were donated by a few of our stores in the neighbourhood.  We had a beautiful cake saying WELCOME NEIGHBOURS.  Then onto the entertainment.  We had a Métis Fiddler, and a Métis Dance Instructor who gave us a lesson and demonstration along with a history of the Métis.  We all learnt how to dance the Métis Jig.  The feedback was great!!!! I am proud of the success of the event, we had a great time!!!! Lots of fun!!! Looking forward to next year!!!

At the Tonari Gumi garden club

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Tonari Gumi Garden Club, I'd like to thank the Neighbourhood Small Grants organization for your generous donation.
We held our workshop on Thursday, September 19th at Tonari Gumi.
We had 27 eager participants and several of our Tonari Gumi gardeners as assistants.

False Creek South, Vancouver

Imagine many parents with their children singing children's songs and listening to beautiful stories by the sea? Sounds great! Now, imagine these stories and songs are in Spanish, and are being told on a sunny summer Friday with perfect weather and good vibes. This is what happened this past August 16th at False Creek South! 

Kelly St. New Westminster
October 31 2019

I will need a variety of volunteers. The event is on October 31st.  from 5:30-7:30 . 1. Set up - 3:30-4:30 or 4:30- 5:30 2. Take down 7:30- 8:00 3. Food/ treats/ drink distribution - 30min shifts from 5:30- 7:30 or throughout the event if possible or a few days before with DIY/ Craft people: Days or weeks prior to event to do at their leisure