Bear creek park 13750 88 ave

Today, refreshing autumn weather, the cooking event in the Oak Street community was held at 9:30 am at the indoor venue of Bear Creek Park in Surrey. There are more than 60 people participated in Zongzi cooking event. They are skillful and talented. In less than two hours, nearly two hundred Zongzi were ready to serve. There are various tastes and styles. They are delicious. People are delighted. They shared their experience and skills. They are joyful to enjoy the happy time. I am very grateful for your support.

Getting to know our community police
Harrison Ave & Jensen Dr Cul de Sac

When we set out to organize a block party for the neighbourhood, our intention was to bring people together and break down barriers between neighbours, thereby improving home security for everyone. We also believe that when we know our neighbours better, and feel comfortable approaching each other, it builds on our sense of community and belonging. When we make new connections, we can better appreciate the things we have in common with our neighbours, and friendships blossom over time.

Garry Point Co-op, Richmond BC

Thanks to the generous grant from Richmond Cares Richmond Gives, we were able to purchase the supplies to build a Library Sharing Box for our Co-op. Situated in the middle of the complex, it has become a place to sit and reflect, to read, and to connect with our neighbours and friends. During construction, members were curious and would come by to watch, and to help, and now that it is completed, members have both donated and taken books, inspirational rocks, and left encouraging messages for each other.

Terra Nova, Richmond

We held our Terra Nova Annual Neighbourhood Gathering on June 22, 2019. The weather cooperated this year and we had more than 100 people attend – different nationalities, ages and cultures brought together to meet, greet and get to know each other as neighbours.

Newton, Surrey

All Hallows Free for all- Thank-you to the awesome people who made it to this event ,thank-you Richard the local rune wizard for your presentation and hard work and for your connection to the spooky realm and love for magic and Halloween and a big thanks to the volunteer organizers,helpers and our grant sponsor Vancouver foundation -small neighborhood grants! We went through 15 pizzas ,pop , juice,hot chocolate ,raffle prizes,Halloween buttons galore and more , with some help from some local youth and all who attended.

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House

I held my NSG activity yesterday at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH). It was attended by about 40 people and I received a lot of praise over the delicious food prepared for the event as well as the wide choice of books to take. Several people came with books to give away in addition to 100 books available at the start of the event. Kwangyoung, from SVNH, helped by advising me on running the event with an Agenda and this made the afternoon run smoothly.

West End Community Centre

We held a Dungeons and Dragons tournament. Three teams competed, we had guest from the West End and other remotely connected from Switzerland and Ontario. Fun was had by all.

Village Vancouver Garden @ Aberthau Community Centre

For the past 5 summers, Village Vancouver has been transforming a 20'x20' raised garden from a textile plot to a permaculture demonstration garden. This has been done with volunteer labourers and generous NSG grants.
The summer of 2019 the focus was rebuilding the central herb spiral and planting new perennial plants- with a focus on local flowering and berry bearing plants (good for pollinators and gardeners!)

Truro Drive Block party

Prior to this get together for Truro Drive, we dropped off flyers about the party on August 11, 2019 from 3:30 – 6:30. We asked for RSVP’s by July 30, but did not receive many replies, so we went door to door to personally ask people the week before. We got a good response, so we looked forward to seeing up to 90 people.
About 1:00 pm we started setting up at the north corner of our street with some decorating tents and tables we were able to borrow. We had lots of help so it was a quick setup.

Bear creek park

The neighborhood small grants autumn weaving show activities are reported as follows