We held a Neighbours Get Together at Memorial Park in Summerland. It turned out to be a rainy, cold day and luckily we planned for that with lots of tents for rain coverage, but we still had a turnout of almost 100 people throughout the day! Everyone was welcome and we had tables full of snacks and drinks for all ages. We purchased a bunch of outdoor toys including hula hoops, badminton sets, bubbles, yo-yo’s, whoopee cushions and balls to play with and found the adults even more interested in the toys than the children!


The Willow Crescent "Get to Know Your Neighbour Block Party" was a great success!  We had a fantastic week of weather in Osoyoos until the rain came in the day before and as per the weather forecast, didn't look like it was going to let up for our party.  A few hours before setting up the rain stopped and held off until just after clean up...what luck!  The Willow Crescent neighbourhood was extremely appreciative and thankful to have the opportunity to come together and introduce themselves to neighbours they have only seen in passing as well as getting to know a bit better ones that they a


The “Do You Know Your Neighbourhood” organizing committee met last week to discuss the outcome of the Lower Town Community party held in Summerland from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, on Sunday, September 8th 2019.  Over 50 people attended including our Mayor, Toni Boot.  The weather cooperated with no rain or wind.  There was a great variety of ethnic foods brought and attendees were most appreciative that this event was organized for them.  It gave everyone who attended a great opportunity to meet new neighbours as well as re-connect with old ones.  We learned about our neighbour’s unique perspectives,


We held our event on Saturday, September 14, 2019 with a presentation by Todd Kunz, Community Paramedic beginning at 1 pm followed by a delicious barbecue lunch.
We served hotdogs and hamburgers, multiple salads, a wide assortment of condiments, beverages and of course ice cream, toppings and cookies.
Todd K. and Victor C. did an excellent job of demonstrating the Hands Only CPR technique
and provided blow-up dolls for the group to try their hands on.

finished tool shed
Maple Community Garden- 6th ave and Maple Vancouver

Over the past number of years, the community gardeners identified the desire to improve the storage of garden tools which include, 2 push lawnmowers , various shovels etc.
The tool shed was designed in 2018 by members of the garden, in 2019 upon receipt of the grant we were able to complete the build of the shed, which includes a living roof of succulents. We chose succulents for the roof to test our the hardiness of these plants during both dry and wet weather conditions.

It was an effort by Taranga Sangeet Academy to present classical and semi classical music to our audience. Performers were all students of Taranga Sangeet Academy. Our school follows the footsteps of Mewati Gharana. 
We had a full house (between 100 to 120 people approximately). 
Feedback from audience was very encouraging. People were happy to see how young school going boys and girls (born on foreign soil) are trying to learn the cultural side of their roots through music and presentation. 

Water Balloons
3800 W 19th Ave, Vancouver

With fingers crossed the sun had finally arrived after a very wet 3 weeks in Sept 2019. As a precautions several pop-up tents magically sprung up protecting the music system, the food and Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness display, (DEEP). DEEP provided tons on free emergency preparedness pamphlets , Map Your Neighbourhood, (MYN)booklets and sign up sheets for 2 MYN presentations. The first one is happening 22 Oct 2019 with 6 families attending and another session in Jan 2020.

Port Kells

Dear Neighbourhood Grants Society:

Thank you so much for helping us put on the Best Backyard Music Festival. We had around 300 neighbours and friends gathering together to enjoy a full day of live music, local crafts, food and drinks all on our one lone acre here in the farming community of Port Kells.

St Faith's Anglican Church, Kerrisdale

The Vancouver Thunderbird Chorus is committed to spreading music to our Westside community. Our original approach for help from Westside NSG envisioned setting up outdoors to engage and challenge passers-by to learn a short passage of a cappella harmony. But we were subsequently able to attract a new sponsor - Tours-by-Locals – and their support enabled us to do so much more. We created posters and advertising to invite community members to come by our rehearsal hall on five Wednesday nights and learn singing techniques. The uptake was amazing.

Centre for Peace

In early Fall, we held an evening of conversation and sharing stories, centered around the topic of ‘befriending nature’. There was an opening discussion, followed by a café-style conversation to encourage each of us to recall our own moments, reflect upon the details of our encounters and explore any patterns or themes that seemed to be present in our stories.