16-15875 84 Ave., Surrey

There were about 20 families and 50 people coming to the party. People got to know each other well on the party. They exchanged their views and experience of living in the community and even this new country ( to some immigrants). They all had a good time.

We all appreciate this small grant program for its financial support and hope to take part in such a nice party next year.

Burton Ave Planting Party
Burton Ave Cul-de-sac, Richmond

On Sat. Jun. 8th, 2019, more than 14 families joined the Burton Ave Planting Party! Neighbours of all ages connected over food, crafts, prizes and planting the Butterflyway garden located in the middle of our Cul-de-sac. The event was filled with joy and laughter as long time residences, families, visiting grand children and home bound individuals came out and befriended one another. The neighbours conversed in 3 languages (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) and the age range of our guests spanned from giggling 5 months old to cultured individuals in their 70’s!

New Westminster
Emerald Place, Richmond

On 22-Jun-2019, we had a block party at our perfect cul-de-sac area. The previous block party was 6 years ago. That why we call our project "Emerald 2019 Reunion". There are a lot of new and old neighbors. We don't realize some people live here for several years already. Many neighbors suggest to have similar type of gathering twice a year. Hopefully we will host the party next year and more neighbors can join.

Cartier Place, Guildford area of Surrey

I live in a strata including 72 units, near the Guildford Mall. We are a very diverse community with many people speaking a language other than English. Many are fairly new and have not yet built relationships with their neighbours. We held a potluck event, including games, kids prizes and door prizes. Because people brought their own food, they were able to "showcase" their home dishes. Many people wanted to do more events like this and several ideas were presented for future grant projects. One woman shared individual cuttings from a plant she had - this was a lovely gift.

BC Artspace

Our project was a huge success thanks to the Vancouver Foundations Small Neighbourhood Grant Program. Our cream making project helped over 30 interested participants over 3 evenings, learn how to make a beautiful skin cream. Everybody helped at different stages of the project. Collectively we made a vat of cream together and everybody who attended got to take some home to use for months to come.


On Saturday Aug 17th, 2019, Eid Al adha celebration was held at King George Park in RIchmond. The purpose of this big gathering is to get the community together and share a cultural event with all.

Eton Street, Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver

The Eton Street Community BBQ was an event planned to bring together folks from our micro-community (2 apartment buildings). We felt that people are so often busy going to & from work or involved in the many activities that make up our daily lives, that we don't have the chance to connect with those in our immediate vicinity (or even our own building). We planned to foster a sense of community & belonging by intentionally bringing together the residents of our building and the building next door for a brief, casual event where we could get to know each other.

11838 88 Ave Delta

I took two times events. Everyone was very happy!

1. Aug 25th ( pictures were attached )
11838 88 Ave Delta BC
12 people attended

2. Sept 08th ( video send by email )
5575 Boundary Burnaby ( Mosaic classroom)
26 people attended

Richmond Heights Co-Op

On June 28th, the families at Richmond Heights Co-op held a community pizza party to celebrate our new playground. Collectively, we had been saving our bottles to raise money for equipment for a while and we were finally able to break ground at the beginning of June. On the last day of school, we all got together for dinner: pizza, juice, veggies with ice cream sundaes for dessert. It was one of the largest community events we had held - turnout was great and there were people of all ages celebrating our collective success!