Kids painted and decorated stones and birdhouses at a craft table. The stones and birdhouses are now in our alleyway adding a fun, decorative touch!
Imperial Drive, Richmond, BC

We're thrilled to share the details of another highly successful event in Imperial Drive, our Art in the Garden Neighbourhood Gettogether. Our neighbours gathered in the Spring, using funds from NSG to plant beautiful flower baskets in the pedestrian alleyway adjoining our cul de sac, as well as planting a successful vegetable garden too. We shared the harvest of herbs, potatoes and salad greens over the course of the summer and fall and invited passers-by to help themselves.

Trading Time
Bridgeview Community Center Park

The event happened on 18 August 2019 at 12:30am-4pm.
I invited some Bridgeview neighbours to join the event. I also put the sign on the street poles to invite the public to join in the neighborhood trading event. The event was very successful. All my neighbours were very happy because they traded their unwanted items. They also enjoy the food very much. Thanks to the neighbourhood small grant program we have chance to gather the neighbors together.

The smiles of people in my event are nice, aren't they?
9981 Whalley BLVD, Surrey

Thanks for NSG from Vancouver Foundation letting me reunion with my old friends. How happy it is!

9399 Alexandra Road Richmond

I am happy we have a great party on June 30 2019. Counting by the drink there have 80's neighbor come to join us. No matter they didn't stay long or just ask some questions and not willingness to join as a "block watch member" if they are Alexandra Court Residents. We still have 35 signed on the paper, and we can other 2 buildings set up a "Block Watch Group".

Mariner's Village Amenities Room

Developed by the City of Richmond this emergency program was designed to build knowledge and awareness of risks and hazards during a disaster. With this workshop our hope was to create a base for a neighbourhood emergency response plan and to provide information for better awareness within our community. We certainly now have many of our neighbours interested in working on an emergency plan.

Due to it's popularity we held several sessions as the participants from the first session spread the word on this very informative program that is relevant to everyone in the community.

Princeton, BC

On a beautiful Saturday in July neighbours Liz, Nicki, Ashley and Carolyn worked together to throw Penryn Avenue first block party. We had kids games and prizes, a bouncy castle, hamburgers, hot dogs and live music.  Most of our street participated and had happy people dancing in the street from other areas of town with us.

Penticton NSG Paddle

Why organize a “paddle” as a way to bring people together?  Being Metis, I am proud of my heritage, we have our own culture, artwork and traditions. As voyagers, we endured the affects of racism and residential schools by relying on family and community. 


We had a fabulous neighbourhood picnic on July 1st.  There were about 75 out, including friends of the neighbours.  We shared a lovely barbecue on the lake here and there was next to no wind.  We had name tags for all our guests, we made introductions, and spoke about the neighbourhood small grants and how it is funded.  There were smiles on everyone’s faces.  

Trout Creek Bike Parade, NSG, Summerland

This year we were thrilled to receive a grant from the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program which enabled us to host the Trout Creek Bike parade and BBQ. We expanded our “block party” and invited everyone who lived in the neighbourhood. We had music, plenty of food, and a bike parade that was set up by the neighbourhood teenagers! All of the kids really enjoyed decorating their bikes and riding them down to Powell Beach and back. When they got back they all got a Popsicle and were thrilled. It was a great opportunity to meet a lot of the new families and everyone who came had so much fun.


WE had a Blast! on Sunday August 18, 2019. In our beautiful neighbourhood of Tyson Place mostly all of us got together in company with our families and friends. We ate a lot of food and had some much fun! Talking to each other and kids playing around with balloons and whistles. Every body was cheering and laughing. We also discussed ways to improved our neighbourhood in all aspects. But most importantly now everybody wants to do more often this kind of gathering to keep our friendship alive!