Meet & Greet with meditation introduction
12351 Winram Road, Surrey, BC, V3V 3Y4

Meet and Greet - with introduction on meditation

We've organized this event with the help of Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC) and Isha Foundation (IF). HBFC has provide us the venue, 12351 Winram Road, Surrey BC and trained volunteers, from Isha Foundation, introduced the basics of meditation.

Group photo
Party room, 13750 100 Ave, Surrey, BC,

Dear NSG Leaders and Coordinators:
We are the NSG project " The big party of mass singing and dancing, musical instruments, models, recitation " applicant Xu Baogai and Xu Zhixiang。 We have been planned, prepared and held large-scale party, completed the task。The following is our summary.

City Centre Community Centre, Richmond

On October 14 of 2019, Thanksgiving Day, we hosted our Richmond NSG event "CommuniTEA Time" at City Centre Community Centre, between 1pm to 3pm. Participants settled into small table groups to allow more personal conversations between people and were also encouraged to move around the groups to meet and talk with as many people as possible. Drawing inspiration from On the Table BC, the goal of this event is to bring people together as a community to discuss what is important for them in a safe and open environment.

Food and audience ready for presentation!
Steveston Cannery Cafe

On the eve of Oct 16, 22 people came out to listen to Elisabeth and Gilbert share about their home country of Venezuela, including its people, scenery, history, music, food, sports, arts and more. We also had the privilege of hearing some of their story and what brings them to Canada, as well as participate in a Venezuelan craft, view their art work and take home yummy Venezuelan recipes.

Fleetwood community

The project is carried out twice:
1. On July 31, 2019, in the Fleetwood community, more than 50 people attended the lectures on environmental protection and waste sorting and recycling. The volunteers then centered on the Fraser HWY and 160 St. intersections. Several bus stops and sections for volunteer activities to pick up scattered rubbish on the ground, including: cans of discarded beverages, paper cups, discarded clothes, old newspapers, cigarette butts, etc.

Nepali Canadian women are very shy and are not out-going as they are raised in a male dominated culture back in Nepal. Though they have more freedoms here in Canada, due to their old habits they tend to isolate themselves at home engaging on house chores. They leave the house only to go to work. The main goal of this event was to bring those women out of the house to participate in a community event. Most of the Nepali Canadian women are very good cook and they love to cook different cultural foods and share with others as well.

Bear Creek Park

The event was attended by numerous households in the neighbourhood area meeting up to get to know each other better through activities while getting some fresh air and staying out of the house. It helped to build some positive relationships between neighbours that have not really interacted with each other and strengthened already existing relationships. It allowed all members of the family no matter what age to become socially more active with people that they do not meet with on a regular basis.

In theNewton Grove

What a great Community Art Making Summer! Friends of the Grove set up 5 times in total and made hundreds of tin buttons with folks and approx 100 free glass fridge magnets!3 events were dated ( June 29,July 27 and August 24th) where we set tables up at Surrey Muse Garden Reading Series in Newton PLOT Garden! Many poetic buttons/magnets were made each event! We supplied food and hot coffee at each event as well.

Laburnum Street, South Vancouver

On July 6 we held our annual block party, which has become a neighbourhood builder at a time of change in our community. The weather caused a small move from the centre of the block to one of our driveways/covered carport, but the sun came out for visits from our local fire department and the Vancouver police motorcycle squad.
It’s an opportunity to meet new neighbours, recruit for Block Watch, and enjoy good food and music.
Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation and NSG.

8 noodle production teachers are now demonstrating the steamed bread, green bean cake, onion oil cake, dumplings, noodles, pumpkin pie
Floor-2 Party Room, 13688 100 Ave, Surrey

Dear NSG Community Coordinator: We carefully discussed and planned the Production and tasting of Chinese flour food on a number of occasions in August 2019. We invited Ms. Xu Baoxuan, Ye Jianxiang, Chen Lihua, Hongmei and eight other experienced pasta teachers to make and explain. We have produced posters that give notice of the purpose, main content and requirements of the event.