Community space, City View Cemetery
October 18 2014
What to do with your empty milk cartons, clear glass jars, juice jugs,tin cans, ice cream buckets? Why not make a homemade lantern to celebrate "Night of All Souls". Last Saturday October 18th South Hill Neighbour celebrated for the second year a full afternoon of arts and crafts at the Lantern Workshop event. Bring on the tissue paper, balloons,string, scissors,markers, LED lights, wire, coloured tape and lotsa lotsa glue! Presto- an original handmade lantern. The neighbourhood was invited, and the neighbourhood showed up!
Queensborough Community Centre
September 12 2014

Queensborough Open Mic was a wonderful first event with 58 people attending. There were musicians from all different ages, cultures and genres. The night kicked off with performances from a number of musicians. After this there was a portion of the event where people could jam and meet other players. We wrapped up the night with some collaboration performances from those that networked with one another. We hope to do many more in the future! The event was very well recieved and is a great way to socialize and enjoy a fun evening for people of all ages/ cultures.

2700 Block Eton Street
June 22 2014

Our Neighbourhood Block Party was a great success this year, building on previous years we've had them. There continue to be new families moving into our area and this has been a great way for us to get to know each other. A group of about 10 neighbours did the planning, with everybody taking on a few of the tasks. This made the event very simple to carry out and everybody is keen to have a neighbourhood block party every year to keep the momentum going. We invited the Community Policing office and we had live music and food which always draws people in.

Parker Street homes
July 1 2014 to November 14 2014

With a desire to build the social capital in the immediate neighborhood (2-3 block radius), and create more of a sense of village atmosphere,we gathered neighbors over simple meals - where it was accessible and easy for all
residents to participate (potlucks can hinder busy people from attending, and families with low income - to not have

Thompson Community Centre
October 28 2014
This past Tuesday evening, Alexis and I were joined by Early Childhood Educators and students as we explored sensory materials together. I think we’ve started a tradition of playful selfies at our workshops. The feature image was taken after our workshop with us hiding behind a mountain of shaving cream we created. If you haven’t used shaving cream purely for the sensory experience of massaging it through your hands, I highly recommend it.

Thompson Community Centre
October 21 2014
Alexis and I had the pleasure of teaching our first Sensory Workshop, made possible through the Neighbourhood Small Grants program from Vancouver Foundation, Volunteer Richmond and Richmond Community Foundation. We were so happy to be joined by 13 families who participated in play experiences, and were fascinated to witness children immerse themselves in the sensory materials – literally!

September 21 2014

A carnival aimed at toddlers in the neighbourhood - games, prizes, food and a bouncy castle! 


Vancouver West End - King George High & Coast Plaza Hotel
October 3 2014

King George Forever! - New KG Song Facilitated by WEArts

King George High School Students Create New School Song With Local Composer In Honour of Centennial Celebration

The West End Youth Art Jam is about youth making art in the West End as a community event. Our mission is to engage the youth in arts, drama & musical projects and to connect them with artist mentors.

Mt Pleasant Park
June 7 2014

Another Great Day in Vancouver


Eddie is known by many for his charm and outgoing personality.   He is extremely friendly and can often be heard saying things like “Hello Beautiful!” and “Let’s talk for a minute” to people he meets throughout the day.  These gifts were especially appreciated during the “My Great Day in Vancouver” event that neighbours hosted as part of the 100 in 1 Day citizen festival on June 7th.