Moberly Arts Centre, Sunset
November 4 2014
Mohinder Sidhu wanted to create a project where ladies could gather have tea together and learn to knit! If they could get enough yarn (and they got some donated!) she hoped they could create enough knitted items to donate to hospitals and shelters. Mission accomplished! Check out the photos :)
Local Church, Sunset Neighbourhood
October 10 2014
On a Friday evening in October, friends and neighbours gathered in the basement community hall and kitchen to cook as a community, socialize and learn how to create a new ethnic dish or two. Teams of participants helped chop, stir, roll, bake and simmer a variety of dishes of local and distant homeland inspiration. We gathered to dine as a community, marvel at the yummy feast, and meet new neighbours while seated at large round tables. Ursula Ekk has been organizing this community meal in Sunset, funded by a neighbourhood small grant for several years.
South Arm Park
September 20 2014
When my coworkers and I heard that there was grant money available through the Neighbourhood Small Grants program to help bring our community together, we could not miss this opportunity to apply. We wanted to help strengthen connections within a neigbourhood where the most we knew about each other were the cars we drove.

877 East 26th Ave
June 8 2014

This past June, I received a Neighbourhood Small Grant to organize and host a local plant swap. I invited our friends and  neighbours to contribute plants and seedlings to exchange with one another on a sunny afternoon. The evening before my kids and I infused lemonade with lavender, rose petal, lemon balm and mint foraged from our garden. We baked lemon poppy seed, anise cookies and several other families brought over cookies and other treats to share. We organized a contest to win an small apple tree, and harvested and bundled fresh thyme, mint, lavender and oregano to give away.

11051 No. 3 Road - (South Arm United Church (old church) - No. 3 Rd. & Steveston Hwy.
November 8 2014

Event: Pizza Night & AA Meeting
Location: 11051 No. 3 Road - (South Arm United Church (old church) - No. 3 Rd. & Steveston Hwy.
Time: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

- (8:00 PM to 9:00 PM) Pizza & refreshments 
- (9:00 PM to 10:00 PM) AA meeting; 3 special guest speakers; John C's 34 year cake; dessert & coffee 

Expect 40+ attendees.

Kozier Park
September 28 2014

On Sunday September 28th, Kozier Neighbourhood Park hosted an afternoon of fun and games.

Neighbours came out to play board games and test their physical skills by participating in a variety of games including the egg/spoon relay, water balloon toss, and tug of war. The sharing table was filled with an assortment of finger foods and everyone enjoyed a hot chocolate or coffee (Thank you to Starbucks at Blundell and No.2 Road) while connecting with their neighbours and making new friends.

5151 Granville Ave, Richmond
October 21 2014

Children learn best through hands on learning by using their senses.  Seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting are great ways for children to explore their environment and process the world around them.  This workshop will discuss how children develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively through sensory play.

The World In A Garden (W 56th Ave & E Blvd, Kerrisdale)
July 2 2014 to July 9 2014

Bee-coming Leaders: A Bee School For Kids was created and developed by Beekeeper Markus Storhas & Holistic Nutritionist Tricia Sedgwick of The World In A Garden. It is an interactive school that introduces the world of bees to kids and encourages them to become future beekeepers, leaders in their community and stewards of our land and food systems.

100 blk Regina Street, New Westminster
September 7 2014

Our neighbourhood party was much anticipated and enjoyed by all.  Over 50 people of the neighbouring streets of Regina Street gathered for an evening of reconnecting and getting to know each other better.  Several new families had recently moved in so it was a great opportunity to meet and welcome them.  The children had fun with waterballoon tossing, potato sack racing and hanging out!   It was a really pleasant evening!