Upcoming Events

November 19 2018
1019 Broughton Street

A selection of my favourite movies for three nights this fall.

This being November, the month during which we honour our war dead and veterans on Remembrance Day, it is my personal honour to offer for your viewing pleasure, "Gallipoli," by Peter Weir (my favourite film of all time).

October 28 2018
St Catherines street and 45th ave

St Catherines street residents welcome all neighbours from their own block as well as from other blocks to come dressed in their best costumes and have fun during our first Halloween Block Party.Meet new people and make your connections strong.Games, Raffle draw, Best costume,Best carved pumpkin and Potluck .Please bring a dish of your choice to share .We have cake and cookies for the kids.Come one come all.

November 14 2018
Centennial Lodge in Queen's Park, New Westminster


The concept of the Coffee C'Art project is to build and operate a mobile espresso cart, which will be designed by the local artists and the community, and will bring members of the community together to connect with the arts through a mobile cafe venue.

October 9 2018 to November 13 2018
Centennial Community Centre

Come and Joinus for a six session meetings and your everyday local community issues.
Guest speakers will be invited, on the last session we will do a potluck

September 29 2018
Gordon Neighborhood House

Everything that goes into any storm drain in Vancouver drains directly into the nearest body of water. For most parts of the West End, that body of water is English Bay. Population density in the West End is quite high and scheduled to get even higher and so we want to raise awareness of the impact that personal decisions can have on the health of the ecosystem. Besides the people who are enjoying the waterfront there is a whole bay teaming with life and we can determine how healthy that ecosystem remains. So we are having a storm drain marking party for children.