Upcoming Events

July 8 2018
Braid Studios, New Westminster

A free community event fostering understanding, support and awareness for those living with Parkinson's. Everyone welcome!

Please register via Eventbrite.

Organized by Robyn Murrell and Heidi Clarkson, sisters and longtime New West residents.

This event is possible due to a New Westminster Neighbourhood Small Grant and Vancouver Foundation.

July 8 2018
Sapperton Park

A fun free for all event, Food , games, art, live music, and much more
Everyone is welcome!

June 28 2018
Clifton Gardens Garden Area

This event is for the 2 stratas in the neighboring area, to get to know each other better and how we can support each other for a better healthier community.

June 25 2018
Unity Church

New West Shine and Share Talent Show

Michael explained why ragtime music had that name, then played a tricky piece on the piano. Toe tappin!
And photos of folks enjoying ice cream; and thanks to Unity Church for the wonderful cozy space.

Emily and Lindsay, one of the dance duos, did A Trip Back in Time.

Mary’s surprise vintage newspaper clipping poetry, Franci’s poetry, and the winner’s jump for joy upon having her name called.

June 25 2018

We will be holding our talent show on a Saturday night.
Bring friends and family!
We have a Facebook page: New west Shine and Share Talent Show.

I will add more posts about the great performers, prizes and judges we have.