Upcoming Events

October 31 2018
500 block on Kelly Street

Forget about the pre-Halloween dinner scramble. Come down to Rest in Peace on Kelly Street. Enjoy Hot beverages for kids and adults, pizza from Pappa Leos, District Tap House and Save on Foods.

November 3 2018
Pacific Autism Family Network - 3688 Cessna Drive

This is a safe and fun place for all children to come and share the passion of Pokemon Club!

A time to make friends and socialize.

This club is inclusive - welcoming neurodiverse members and anyone else who loves Pokemon. Children are welcome to bring all their Pokemon gear - cards, stuffies, games, etc.

Please contact tiladawnpelletier@gmail.com with any questions or for more information.

Hope to meet you!


October 24 2018
North Surrey

We had about 150 friends and family joined us. We had a very good time BBQ and handing out some prizes. Thank you very much for supporting us to build the event, having opportunities to know more neighbors and make more friends.

October 25 2018
Gordon Neighborhood Broughton Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Neighbourhood Gathering

Dinner, live music and oreange delish
Peter Jordaan will perform live at the event
Come, meet neighbors, enjoy the music and the food.
Everyone is welcome!

This free celebration of the West End is sponsored by the Vancouver foundation.

October 22 2018
Champlain Villa Complex (Arlington & E 49th Ave)

We had a block party in our townhouse complex at the playground area. We had advertised it by way of "postcards" put in everyone's mail box as well as chalk art ads down the driveways into the parking areas. Our church had donated use of their tents, and friends came out to man the bbqs and do faceprinting. There were balloon bouquets and decor to brighten the area as well as bubble machines. We had a lot of burgers and hotdogs and veggies and drinks, but everyone was also encouraged to bring things to share. Throughout the evening (4:30 to 8ish) we had about 75 people come.