Upcoming Events

September 12 2018

Celebrating the best of culture along with the spirit of well being this Fall.
Join us to a Live Dance workshop, an interactive session of self-healing techniques and more!

September 12 2018
5900 block of Chester Street

The 1st annual Chester St block party was a huge success! Neighbours came out and shared stories of the neighbourhood and block parties they held 20 years ago! Great to have this rejuvenated again with some new neighbours, friends and families.

September 8 2018
Pacific Autism Family Network - 3688 Cessna Dr, Richmond

We are an inclusive club for you people to connect over a shared passion - Pokemon! Ages 6-14

We meet monthly and we socialize, play games, discuss pokemon, do crafts, eat snacks and just have fun. Meeting dates Sept 8, Oct 13

Please contact tiladawnpelletier@gmail.com for more information. The event is drop in, but connecting with the volunteer organizer can ensure important information is communicated.

Please bring your pokemon cards, games (e.g Nintendo DS), stuffies, clothes, costumes, or just bring yourself.

August 27 2018
Richmond Brighouse Library


We are hosting group knitting sessions and workshops to connect with knitters in our community and to share our passion for the craft.

We will provide all yarns and materials, and in return, we ask that the hats and scarves we knit during these sessions are donated to local charities such as the Richmond Food Bank.

We have three main sessions that have been programmed in partnership with the Richmond Public Library, and we have additional informal knitting sessions that we are communicating over email.