Upcoming Events

August 8 2019
Stage One 170-5731 Minoru Blvd Richmond B.C.

All who are interested in the subject are welcome to attend.
We speak Chinese , but there are English translators.
We already found 27 pairs of golden adults and 4 long lived old .We ask them to provide photos of the past and present, and show them on the big screen when they attend events, to sharing the Experience of Golden Marriage and Longevity.

June 1 2019 to September 5 2019
Various Locations

What an amazing breaking down for isolation and discomfort we had tonight with this generous grant. We got together a lot of who I would say were the more marginalized people in -our school- class that actually showed up.

Amazingly there was some significant discomfort in connecting as somewhat strangers - but by the end of the night the kids and parents seemed to really bond and connect!

August 5 2019
9981 Whaley BLVD

People who live in our community can come.
While we are making curry, we are talking.
Let's make friends.
Let's make our life better.

September 21 2019
E Columbia Street Sapperton New West

The Sapperton Trash Mob is a community volunteer event to remove litter and trash from neighbourhood-shared sidewalks, also called a “street clean-up”. This project mainly involves travelling around the local neighbourhood and picking-up garbage from public sidewalks, to be collected, delivered, and sorted to reserved material containers at the event site.

August 18 2019
Tyson Place, Richmond BC

Block Watch BBQ/Party for all neighbours of our beautiful Tyson Pl. We expecting at least 20 families. In addition to eat together and have fun, we will bring some safety concerns and ideas of improvement.