Upcoming Events

June 22 2014
Oakridge Center

Vancouver's Sidewalk Cellist is taking classical music out of the box and shooting it into the streets. This summer (June 2014) she is launching the third season of her very own “Free Cello Concert Series” in East Vancouver in order to make classical music more accessible and bring communities together.

Audience members can expect to hear everything from Bach to Nirvana and jazz to metal – including several compositions that Clara sings, arranges and writes herself.

June 23 2014 to June 26 2014
Hastings Community Centre, 3096 East Hastings St., Vancouver

Enjoy 2 hours of painting fun with neighbours on June 23 (1-3pm) and/or June 26 (10am-12pm) at Hastings Community Centre on 3096 East Hastings Street.

June 18 2014
Habitat Island, South False Creek

The Vancouver Forest Nursery is a volunteer-run group of children and parents who meet weekly for hiking and picnicking adventures in Vancouver's forests, wooded parks, gardens and beaches and is free and open to all.

July 19 2014
Queens Ave. United Church Gym 529 Queens Ave. New West

It will be from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at Queens Avenue Church gym.

A picnic style lunch wil be served. Indoor workshop will teach techniques that will  be practiced outside. After lunch all about dog park which we will then go to. Hope to have hearing and deaf volunteers, 50/50.

Please register by emailing workshopdogs19@gmail.com or texting 778-789-1519.

June 15 2014
Car Free Day - Commercial Drive (1424 Commercial Dr) and Main Street (Main & 24th)

Post A Letter Social Activity Club (Pal-Sac) is an event open to everyone that takes place in cities and towns around the world. We seek to promote letter writing as a social and political tool, as well as a powerful generator of love, surprises, anticipation, relaxation and fun!

With our NSG, Vancouver's chapter of Pal-Sac on Sunday, June 15, will be hosting a booth at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive and at Car Free Day on Main Street.