Upcoming Events

July 23 2014
Meet at meadow on Greenchain and Sawcut

We are a group of children and parents/adult caregivers who meet weekly for hiking and picnicking adventures in Vancouver’s forests, wooded parks, gardens and beaches. In addition to our hiking adventures, we meet regularly to discuss children’s development and parenting approaches, have social gathering to share skills and ideas, and enjoy seasonal celebrations.   

June 7 2014 to September 7 2014
1 Athlete's Way and Dude Chilling Park

Imagine a blue-sky, sunny Vancouver day. You're on the walkway from Science World to Granville St. Bridge near False Creek. You come across poets who invite you to approach them with a word. Then the poets compose a poem on the spot, recite it and gift it to you. What feeling would you walk away with: joy, belonging, connection?

October 18 2014 to December 13 2014
Edmonds Community Centre

The Newcomers' Choir is free of charge choir for those new to singing and/or Canada. Music is not only a great way to meet new people but also a great way to improve language skills. For more information go to www.MIUSc.ca.

August 9 2014 to August 10 2014
600 block of Kingsway (laneway) between 16th and Carolina St.

August 9th // 12-4pm: Laneway Revitalization 

  • Laneway Clean-up
  • Community Garden Building
  • Laneway Scavenging

August 10th // 2-8pm: Community Celebration!

August 31 2014
Kelvin street

This event is for surrounding neighbours young and old of Kelvin Street on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

It's a great way to connect with all of our neighbours and discuss issues relevant to the neighbourhood. Last year we had a chilli cook off and this year it will be pulled pork.