Upcoming Events

November 8 2016 to November 15 2016
Kitshouse/ 2305 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1Y4

If you want more inner peace, well being, and happiness
In your life, learn to meditate.
Come join the Free Meditation class. Everyone is welcome.

November 13 2016
3550 Naples Way Vancouver

The Goal of the event is to share information on how best to utilize our community garden and to improve our area by planting some fruit trees we can all enjoy. We will be doing a talk on winter gardening with a demonstration of what grows well all winter as well as what to do to prepare your garden soil over winter to give you the best garden possible come spring. We will have an herb cutting lesson with herbs for people to take home, as well as a smoothie making demo to get you thinking about what you could grow yourself to make great garden fresh smoothies.

September 17 2016
Collingwood Neighbourhood House

Residents and neighbours in Joyce Collingwood combined forces on September 17, 2016 to throw a fall/back to school Block Party event bringing together music, gardening and a celebration of our local businesses.
Originally planned as a park gathering, our backup plans came in handy when it rained cats and dogs as the date approached. We moved our event to the front of Collingwood Neighbourhood House, already a popular gathering place that supports our diverse community.

October 24 2016
Prince Edward 55 -56

Enhancing Prince edward Drought tolerant Boulevards. Encourage Biking along Prince Edward Street.

October 24 2016
Riverside Park

Our community garden is situated in a busy area in the Fraserlands development. Although the garden plots are leased to individuals, we see the garden as a part of the larger community.

This year we organized a free herb give away. We were aware that our communal herb garden was getting over grown and decided that rather than waste the fruits of our labour, we would bundle them and offer them to people passing by. We packaged over 50 bundles and put them on a bench telling people to help themselves. All but a few bundles were quickly taken.