Upcoming Events

August 18 2018
7240 Langton Rd

Residents of Langton Court will have a chance to meet each other, chat and socialize over complimentary BBQ, drinks, snacks and ice cream. Fun activities for kids! Raffle draw for some cool prizes! Bring a dish and some snacks to share!

July 13 2018
Quilchena Park Estates, No. 1 Road and Moresby Drive

An opportunity to build and enhance community through friendship, fun and games at Quilchena Park Estates near the Quilchena school and park.

Being held Saturday 21st July from around 4:30 onwards.

Bring your favourite salad and desert and we'll through on plenty of Canadian hot dogs and more. Bring your own drinks too.

Contact us for more info,

July 12 2018
Heather Gardens

Heather Gardens will host the clean-up day on Aug.12, 2018, follow by the annual BBQ celebration. Presented by strata council with support from Neighbourhood Small Grants - Richmond.

The strata will hire the junk removal company to help remove the unwanted items. This will follow by our annual BBQ gathering. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know you neighbours. There will be games for the kids, free food and drinks, and much more.

Come join us for a clean and fun event.

July 10 2018
Garrett Street, New Westminster

This is an annual block party that includes food (in a potluck style brought by residents) and entertainment in the form of a musical band and street activities (ball hockey, street writing with chalk, etc.). A free invite flyer (sample included here) is delivered to Garrett St., Fader St. (lower side), and Wilson St. (upper side), although anyone and everyone are invited.

July 9 2018
Buy Low Foods

An opportunity to meet other moms!