Upcoming Events

October 5 2014 to December 14 2014
Gordon Neighbourhood House- 1-2pm, Sunday's

What is meditation?

At first, meditation involves cultivating the
attention. Imagine being able to effortlessly focus
on a chosen object for as long as you’d like. Once
the mind is made serviceable by this ability to
focus – then meditation can be used to analyze
reality in such a way the leads to the permanent
cessation of mental affliction.

Can I do it?

Yes. If you have the desire to meditate, it is most
certainly within your capacity.

How do I do it?

October 18 2014
3888 Yale St. Burnaby, BC

Come and celebrate your community and the artists among us!
Living Room Art in the Heights, is an event that aims to create an alternative art space for local artists to share their art + voices with their own community. We aim to do this by transforming a local residence into a production that includes performance, visual, and digital art as well as installations, documentaries, and an open mic. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

3888 Yale St. Burnaby, BC

October 5 2014 to November 23 2014
New Westminster Family Place Suite # 101 - 93 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC

This is an one hour parent participation Mandarin environment / program for kids age of 3 to 5. We will have free play, circle time with songs, rhymes, stories and games etc. All in Mandarin. The children will have a fun time of learning Mandarin. Nutritional snacks and drinks will be provided. Free admission. Funded by Vancouver Foundation Register at: Htpp://www.eventbrite.com/e/fun-learn-mandarin-for-kids-3-5-years-old-tickets-1...

September 7 2014
100Block Regina Street

Our event focuses on creating connections within our neighbourhood.  On Sunday, September 7th neighbours on Regina Street and surrounding streets are invited to gather and spend the evening getting to know each other and building on friendships.  This year we have four families new to the neighborhood who are excited about meeting thier neighbors.  We'll have food, games and activities for the kids.

September 6 2014
Blackman street, New Westminster, BC

Members of the Street are hosting a Block Party to bring everyone together!

We will be barbequing, having a bike parade, face painting, and games.