Upcoming Events

June 7 2014
Kits Beach at Maple and McNicoll

This Saturday, June 7, join us for an amazing Alternative experience to give some space to rest, sing and meditate and connect at a higher level. Everyone is welcome. We will be gathering at Kits Beach at Maple St and McNicoll Ave.

Part of the 100 in 1 day event, learn more here.

June 7 2014 to September 7 2014
Along the False Creek/Sea wall walkway between Science World to Granville Street Bridge, July 12 at Dude Chilling Park

One day Meharoona Ghani was staring out her apartment looking over False Creek when she realized the three things she loves the most are: writing poetry, sharing her poems, and engaging in conversation with people. She decided to combine all three when she was inspired by a friend who took a photo of a poet writing poetry on the streets of Seattle. So Meharoona pitched the idea to her poet friends and her dream became a reality with NSG!

May 21 2014 to May 27 2014
1634 East 13th Avenue

The construction of a small neighbourhood library for books, seeds, toys or whatever else the street wants to share. There's space for community notices, and all are welcome to use this new facility built with the aid of the Vancouver Foundation.

May 26 2014 to June 16 2014

Community cooking classes will be performed once a week every Monday for 4 weeks.  It will introduce new healthy recipes for the participants and teach them cooking economically and be able to cook famous recipes at home. Getting the women together will help in socializing and making new friendships while learning new recipes. 

May 2 2014 to May 4 2014

It's springtime in New Westminster.  Time to get out and walk!  Once again this diverse city is offering a diversity of walks;  something for everyone. Bring your friends and neighbours. Come out and walk with us once.  Or twice. Or more!