Community Hiking

November 4 2018
Green Timber Urban Forest Park, Surrey

This project was aimed at bringing the neighbourhood children together for fun filled hiking trips in and around Surrey. First of adults hiked many hiking trails in GVA hiking trails including, Green Timber Urban Forest Park, Tynhead Regional Park, Beer Creek Park, etc throughout this summer. For the final event, we chose Green Timber Urban Forest Park which is intermediate hike popular among children for the sake of safety and convenience and also suitable for picnic. The grant money was used for food, transportation and cash prize give away to all kids and youth who participate to encourage participations in following years.

We planned project considering following themes and most of the theme was successfully achieved.
1. Stress reducer: Hiking is a great way to exercise and reduce stress as hiker felt good after completing the hike.
2. Fun: The overindulgence of modern amenities including internet and video games have taken a heavy toll on the way our children are growing up. We wanted them to understand how much fun it is to actually get out and hike trails by navigating exposed roots, watching natural habitants and climbing over fallen trees. All hikers felt that the hiking trip was more than just a cardiovascular exercise.
3. Sense of accomplishment: We would like them to appreciate the sense of accomplishment that comes with a hike. This is a great way to boost your self-confidence.
4. Explore nature: This was an excellent opportunity to explore and learn nature.
5. Safety: We also tought them the basic technical skills required for a safe and successful hike.
6. Learn hiking etiquettes: The participants learned how to respect fellow hikers and complete the hike with no or very low foot print. They learnt why it is important to leave no trash behind. This is a great way to learn about responsibility.
7. Team work and leadership skills: Group hiking considered be a great way to hone on soft skills that can be easily transferred to activities beyond the mountain.

After completion of Hiking, we converted Hiking into picnic and had fun at the bank of lake as a reward of hiking. The young hikers was also awarded with Cash prizes.

In conclusion, we can assume that the project was successfully completed as all participating children are waiting for next summer to start hiking from the beginning of the seasons.