Democracy cafe

September 14 2017
Douglas College, New Westminster


The goals:

  • To encourage ongoing citizen participation during and after elections
  • To create a platform for New Westminster citizens to come together and dialogue about democratic processes
  • To explore the various opportunities for citizen engagement

Format for this introductory interactive session:

  • Introductions
  • Why we are here
  • Context
  • Small group dialogue around focused questions

Sample questions, in groups of 4 or 5:

o What does democracy mean to you?

o What are your values about democracy?

o What are the elements of destructive political conflict

o What are the elements of constructive political conflict

o Which style do you think is more effective in achieving change, give examples

o Is democracy in Canada being eroded?

o If so, how and why?

o What is the evidence to support your point of view?

The small groups would be encouraged to share personal stories if they are comfortable doing so; share their personal experiences with a democratic process or lack thereof.

The small groups will share their insights with the larger audience.

I have a graphic recorder coming to the event and anyone who would like copies of the session would be encouraged to contact me at I have been informed that a reporter will be attending

Please note: there might be very small changes in the questions Thank you