Free Outdoor Cello Concert

Oakridge Center
June 22, 2014
12:00 am

Vancouver's Sidewalk Cellist is taking classical music out of the box and shooting it into the streets. This summer (June 2014) she is launching the third season of her very own “Free Cello Concert Series” in East Vancouver in order to make classical music more accessible and bring communities together.

Audience members can expect to hear everything from Bach to Nirvana and jazz to metal – including several compositions that Clara sings, arranges and writes herself.

Thanks to support from the East Vancouver Community Music School and Vancouver Foundation, Clara is organizing one particularly special concert to take place in the Oakridge Center Plaza on Sunday, June 22nd at 2:00 p.m. There will be a number of guest performers and special surprises. Come down and check it out!

More free concerts and further information at

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