Kitsilano Earthquake & Emergency Preparation (KEEP) Public Meeting

February 26, 2014
12:00 am

Jerry Thompson spoke about the Cascadia Fault:

  • 1300 km long
  • Extending from Northern California to northern Vancouver Island
  • It is an active subduction zone
  • Last time it slipped was in year 1700 and it caused widespread damage along the coast.

Ann Pacey spoke about how to prepare your neighbourhood for an emergency:

  • What supplies to keep on hand 
  • How to make your living space safer
  • How to map your ​neighbourhood to find out how to shut off natural gas, to find out the skills of your neighbours, to find out who may need extra help in case of an emergency
  • What Vancouver is doing to prepare
  • What the Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness group is doing

The meeting was well attended (35 participants) and there was a lively discussion period after the presentations.