New West Apple Press Fest

Apples. Pick ‘em. Share 'em. Wash ‘em. Chop ‘em. Smash ‘em. Press ‘em. Jar ‘em. Drink ‘em.

What? Come on out and join your neighbours in celebrating the fall harvest by learning first-hand how to press apples and bring home some fresh (non-alcoholic) apple cider!

Thanks to a Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant from Family Services of Greater Vancouver and our nostalgic friends at Buy-Low Foods, we're back this Fall with several old school cider presses ready to juice backyard neighbourhood apples, random orchard apples, and 1200 pounds of Buy-Low's apples! Plus, there will be games and some special musical guests!

Event Link:

Who? People who are ages 1 to 101 (but we’re flexible on either side), think apples are pretty cool, are up for squeezing some juice, and ready to meet their makers with their neighbours. Juice makers, that is.

What to bring?
1. A jar. This is a B.Y.O.J. event – bring one, and go home with some fresh apple cider.
2. Optional: Apples for sharing, if you’ve got ‘em. But don’t worry if you don’t - we’ll have plenty.

We’re always looking to produce and taste-test a few New West single-tree heritage ciders, so drop a note if you’ve got a tree you would like to nominate. You pick, we press, everyone drinks.

Send us a message if you want to volunteer!