We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of the Y-NSG! The Y-NSG Pilot offers grants up to $500 to youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale, Richmond & Vancouver). Anyone with an idea can apply, no experience necessary!

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A Little Love Goes A Long Way

We started our project with a plan to help some families in our community with everyday grocery items, household supplies and if possible maybe a little school supplies and crafts...

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Hearts in the Garden

A huge thanks to NSG! Our community is so very grateful that we could thoroughly enjoy and complete our “hearts in the garden” project! It was so wonderful to come...

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Puzzles and Pizza

My project was a great success, and my participants are looking forward to participating in more such events in the future. I had an overwhelming response to my project and...

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Gardening in our Neighbourhood

What a year it has been with the pandemic and the heat wave we experienced at the end of June. Our Gardening project in our South Slope Neighbourhood brought us...

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Garden Treasure Hunt

Garden Treasure Hunt attracted 18 adults and 18 children from the Burnaby Heights neighbourhood. In addition 10 of the 45 garden members were involved in registering attendees, putting up one-way...

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Covid Care Package

Since the beginning of Covid, I started seeing on the news about how people are starting to lose their jobs and start struggling to get by, so when I saw...

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