We continue to offer Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants to anyone who lives in BC throughout 2021.

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Iranian Online Cooking Class with Mom

Our project was teaching loobia polo, a beloved, classical Iranian dish, online. We had both vegetarian and mean options and we prepared ingredients to pick up. The pick up process...

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Grants and Grandview Park

The Grandview Park people are a joyous group of friends who meet daily and support one another with camaraderie through the good times and the not so good times. Several...

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Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

In September 2020, I hosted a Mushroom Cultivation Workshop through the Neighborhood Small Grant program. The workshop aimed to teach participants about fungi and provide everyone with the skills and...

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Social Distance Community Garden

Our building had a weedy disused space located off the alley. Often people would dump garbage here. Over four weeks our family cleaned the space, built raised beds from reclaimed...

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