We continue to offer Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants to anyone who lives in BC throughout 2021.

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Curiosity, Creativity and Beyond!

As a science illustrator in love with drawing, I thought it would be interesting to bring nature journal projects to kids while they are at home. So, I created Curiosity,...

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Seafair No. 1 eLves

Seafair’s No. 1 eLves: Our goal was to build community strength and resilience during this time apart by lifting spirits inside individual homes. We created and distributed 100 comfort kits...

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Burton Ave Garden & Newsletter

During this past growing season of 2020, the neighbours of Burton Ave had hoped to expand our Butterflyway Garden, established 2019. However, due to reduced city operation staff and crew...

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Positivity Rocks!

Thanks to the grant I received from the Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives Society I was able to complete my “Positivity Rocks!” project, which was inspired by my younger sister. The...

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Richmond Together

Pandemic will be over, life will continue. Yes, the world is entering into a new era with new challenge. It is a new normal. However, no one should have forgot...

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Beta Sigma Phi Love

Beta Sigma Phi is a ladies friendship organization. Our motto is Life, Learning and Friendship. My project was to connect with members who live on their own in the hopes...

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