In the Exploring Potential NSG Partnerships section of this Toolkit, there are a series of templates and resources to support potential partners in exploring NSG in their community, which includes helping organizations conduct an initial self-assessment, hosting a presentation to the boards and staff of these organizations, developing handouts you can tailor and send out during the presentation.

Preliminary Questions & Criteria

When a new community partner contacts us to express their interest in NSG, there are a few steps we can take to explore whether they will be a good fit for the program:

Preliminary Questions for Potential Community Partners Template (Word) 

This template includes preliminary questions that can be used in a first meeting to get a sense of who the potential Partner Organization(s) are, the work they do, who they serve, their values, and their experience with community development and working with diverse communities.

Criteria for Establishing NSG Partnerships Template (Word) 

This template includes criteria potential Partner Organizations can use to self-assess whether NSG is a good fit for their organization. If there are any criteria from this list that they do not fulfill, then a conversation can happen about whether and how this can be addressed (for example by bringing in other partners) before moving on to the next step.

Presentation to Potential Community Partners

Guide to Presenting to Potential Community Partners (Word) provides an overview of considerations for presenting to the boards and staff of potential Partner Organizations who are interested in establishing their own grassroots grantmaking program.

Agenda Template for Presentation to Potential Community Partners (Word) offers a sample agenda for a presentation to the board and/or staff of potential Partner Organizations.

Presentation to Potential Community Partners: Presenter Notes & PowerPoint

  • Presenter’s Notes (Word) can be customized to create the content of a presentation to the board and/or staff of potential Partner Organizations.
  • PowerPoint Template (PPT) is designed to complement the Presenter’s Notes Template and provide the visuals for a presentation to the board and/or staff of potential Partner Organizations.

Resources & Handouts

Resources can be sent ahead by email to the potential Partner Organization(s) or used as handouts at the presentation. They are there to help outline the intent and impact of grassroots grantmaking and the NSG model as well as to assess a potential partner’s organizational readiness for implementing the program in their community. They are included here in a suggested order, but this can be modified.

Resources to Send Before the Presentation

Handout to Review at the Presentation