Never canned fruit or pickled veggies before but would like to try? Have you canned or pickled before but would like some company this year?
Seasoned NSG leaders Lisa and Chloë will once again make use of a big commercial kitchen in Kitsilano to share their knowledge and contribute to a group effort in pickling vegetables and canning fresh ripe fruit. The event will take place over an 8-hour period on Sept. 12, 2015.
We ask participants to bring some fruit and vegetables to preserve and canning jars. The event starts at noon with a potluck lunch. During lunch, the group members introduce themselves and share their canning and pickling experience level and reasons for coming. Then we hold a debrief on what the canning and pickling processes will entail.
The idea is to get together, preserve fruits and vegetables, and share in the experience (including clean up!). We’ll supply all the equipment plus supplies for pickle brine and fruit syrup to share, so all the participants bring are jars and the produce they plan to preserve. Older children are welcome.
Once it is all over, you will take the ‘fruits’ of your labor home.
We invite all the members of our community to join us for this event, whether they have preserved food before or not.
To allow us to make sure we have enough supplies on hand please register using the form to request more information. We will reply with confirmation to you by email.

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