My project was making cards for people and workers to cheer them up during this pandemic. It went pretty good because with this project, I spent more time with my siblings because they helped me with this project and made this happened. It was a very fun experiment and also exciting!! I’ve also added a small snack with the card to give to them, and hopefully made their day! Planning this took awhile because I am a full time student and also a part timer worker, which gets quite busy at times and the process took a bit of time, but I managed to succeed and I wanted to be apart of this project because I want to help the community and also cheer people up. My siblings was a big help to this project because without them, I would not be able to make all the cards myself, and I would not be able to approach people on my own. I learned that sometimes it can get scary if you approach the wrong people, but that’s just because people react differently, and I think it’s important to watch for others body language and figure out if they are uncomfortable in some sort. But overall, this was a fun project, and I really did enjoyed it because it brought me closer to my family and friends.

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Cedar Cottage Hastings-Sunrise Renfrew

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