On Dec 3, 2022, everyone on my street were invited to put a string (or more) of lights on their homes and drop by our house for a hotdog, hot drink, to bring a dish to share (or not) and visit with the neighbours. Our street had done this type of event in the past (before Covid) but it had been a couple of years of many challenges and isolation.

I created a Facebook event to invite people but as there were so many new people who moved into the neighborhood during covid, I dropped off an invite to every house (about 55 houses on the street).

My husband and a neighbor cooked about 6 dozen hot dogs for approximately 60 people. We were so lucky in that it was very cold night with clear sky. We put out a fire pit plus a heater – some people used them!

It was so much fun visiting with the neighbors, and it was very special having such a spectrum of ages come to our house – from 6 months old to people in their 70’s. Not only were the kids excited, but so was everyone. Some people stayed for an hour – some for three. Even people who could not come messaged their disappointment that they had other commitments!

Thank-you Mount Waddington Small Neighborhood Grant for contributing to our neighborhood grant and helping connecting the neighbors on my street!

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North Island-Mt. Waddington

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