Neighbours in the South Slough Heritage District in south Richmond live in an area of working farms and sloughs – the Woodwards Sough, the Horseshoe Slough, and the Finn Slough, plus wide ditches on No. 3 Road, on Finn Road and on Gilbert Road.

These sloughs and ditches are mosquito breeding grounds and we urgently desperately need more bats, since one bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes a night.

Encroaching development has brought lights on industrial building in the distance, which means bats haven’t been as populous. This includes the local little brown bat, an at-risk species.

We asked and received a $500 grant to buy bat boxes to install throughout the neighbourhood to encourage bats. Bat boxes are now at:
John Baines’ on No. 4 Road
Helmut Pastrick’ farm on Finn Road
Glen Andersen – Finn Slough
Sweet Digz Organics on No. 2 Road

Everyone awaits bats roosting!
Thank you!

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