This past year was the second time I received a grant for my Outdoor Sketching Project. My goal has been to bring the community together for a fun, relaxing outdoor art meditation through watercolour sketching. This year was a success, bringing in people of different ages with varying art experiences, making for a couple of very rich and rewarding evenings. I taught the groups some basic techniques that I myself use when painting plein-air, as well as encouraged everyone to create their own unique artwork based on what they see that inspires them. The reason why I love plein-air painting is because I am able to slow down, step away from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, and become present in the moment. I wanted to share this experience with other members of my community because I truly believe that these meditative practices can help to create a more stress-free community and improve mental health and wellness. Thank you to the Association of Neighborhood Houses of BC for sponsoring my projects!

Written By:

Yunuen Perez Vertti

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